The Mechanical AlphaSmart Round Two is live!


Update 7/12: The form will be open until the 20th (one week from now). Invoices will be sent out that day and then I’ll place an order for the right amount of PCBs.

Hey guys!

Round one of the Mechanical AlphaSmart group buy is almost ready to be shipped out, and I’m ready to open up the form again for new orders!
If you don’t know what the AlphaSmart is, I encourage you to go read my description in my MechMarket post here:

And here’s the form. All the kit options are listed right in the description.


man this is cool, love the look of it :slight_smile: Filled out the form for one!


Idk if this is something I’d actually use, but it’s pretty cheap and looks neat, so why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m in for one


That was my thought process exactly :slight_smile: