The (new) Keychatter guy

Hey gang. I’m Seth, the new EIC of Keychatter. (Don’t worry, long-time fans, livingspeedbump is still very much a part of things.) I got into the keyboard scene a few years ago as part of my work on Tom’s Hardware. I started digging around on ways to test these things so we could review them, and wouldn’t you know it, I never found the bottom. And so I continue to dig. You know how it goes.

I also continue to enjoy seeing the innovation and camaraderie that pours forth from the mechanical keyboard community at large.

Come check out what we’re up to on Keychatter, and holler at me any time.


Welcome, friend.

welcome on board!

Welcome here! Keychatter has long been a cornerstone in my mind and I’m glad to see it continuing on.

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Welcome! I was super happy when I saw keychatter was posting again, keep it up!

Thanks! Keep reading and reading and reading plz :slight_smile: