The X of Y in our community

So while reading Keebtalk on my break as I normally do, I came across a funny quote from @Deadeye,

"JWK switches are fine and with a little TLC can be fantastic - but whoo that’s steep for what’s essentially the Honda Civic of switches."

And this got me thinking. Hmm.

Are JWK switches indeed the Honda Civic of Switches?

Does that make Outemu switches the Ford Pinto of switches?

Are Holy Pandas the Tesla Model Xs of the keyboard world?

Is Topre simply Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift? of keyboards?

Is Keycult The Beatles of keyboards?

Is Dixie Mech the John Wick of Keyboards with his killer keysets, and cute dogs?

The list goes on and on! What do you think?



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Gateron Yellow is a Toyota?


Are Zealios the Lamborghini Aventador?

Are Tealios the Ferrari FXXK?

Are KBDfans the Walmart of the keyboard world?

Are GMK the Rolex of the keycap world?

Are clicky switches the K-pop of the keyboard world?


:joy: I don’t think they slide that low. Maybe the IKEA of keyboards? Decently cheap/affordable, you get what you pay for, but it’s all functional? :thinking:


And you have to build everything yourself! :joy:


Well, they are certainly expensive, made by a company whose goodness is questionable at best, and increasingly prone to breaking when modded :eyes:


Zeal is, of course, the Apple of our community.
KPRepublic is the K-Mart of vendors
ANSI is windows
HHKB is Mac
Ergo is Linux
ISO is windows 95


Is :3ildcat the Banksy of the keeb community?


I was going to say that Rama is the Apple of our community!

:joy: :joy: :joy:


gonna reuse from previously, but with different analogies, with Internet Browsers instead of OS:

ANSI is Chrome
HHKB is Safari
Ergo is Opera
ISO is Internet Explorer 7


Hey! I’m starting to get offended here! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::upside_down_face:

Guess I have to start using ergo to…

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:laughing: :laughing:

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Based on which qualities? These don’t feel immediately fitting. :thinking:

ANSI most widely used = chrome

HHKB loyal fan base, used to be seen as hipster now accepted as more mainstream it somehow still feels clunky = Safari

Ergo/Ortho used by few who swear by its superiority although it never seems to gain traction = Opera

ISO the layout holding back the rest of the pack by forcing people to try to accommodate old tech = Internet Explorer (And it’s fun to give it a hard time)

(I’m Pigeon holing for the sake of jokes, of course.)

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How many countries use ANSI and how many use ISO?
ANSI is just another stupid American thing like not using the metric system. :wink:

I’m with you on the opera tho, been using it for ever.

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I love this. IF these are true, I feel like I understand so much more (with a grain of salt of course). Thank you.