There will now be more mechanical keyboards at the office!

One of our radiologists, told the boss, that they want new keyboards, because their old keyboards are old, missing letters, and getting kind of grody. So I got the boss, to order a K68, because it was on sale for $10 more, the the backlit Logitech option, with the justification that it’s mechanical and it has a rubber shield around the key switches, the help protect against spills. After a week of testing, the rads are loving it (They really liked how sturdy / substantial the keyboard is.), so we’re going to move ahead with purchasing more fro the rest of their workstations!

Score one for mechanical keyboards!


Score one for the home team! Lol, seriously though I don’t see why people torture themselves with cheap rubberdome boards when mechanical alternatives can be had for roughly the same price.

A dude I work with had to go into an office role because his health has been going downhill. He complained to me about the keyboards they had for the computers & I let him try one of my boards which he loved. I then picked a decent cheap MKB he could ask the bosses to get him.

Well, they balked at the ideal of buying a KB “that did not come with the computer”. So he bought it for himself, now (after trying it) all the office employees have asking for one, lol! Not sure if they caved & got some for them or not though since it the offseason for me.

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Vive la révolution du clavier mécanique!


My only big counter-arguement could be the noise level of the office. Could you imagine an office full of people clacking away with clicky switches? What a nightmare. That being said though, if the world was full of companies that could afford to throw budgetless custom-build boards for each of their employees, the world would be a beautiful place.

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I’m old enough to remember clickies and beamsprings being the norm, so what I can say is this: yes, and it’s delightful to me. But, to be fair, we also had cubicle walls to somewhat dampen the noise. Open offices are more of the problem imo


It wasn’t that long ago that people used typewriters in offices, and I don’t think it would be as bad as that. But of course nobody is saying that they have to be clicky switches.


God, do I hate open offices. So much noise and a lack for privacy, both of which could be fixed with cubical walls.


This instantly reminded me of good old needle printers.
How much i miss them …
… not!

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I legitimately find them endearing, but part of that is probably related to me just quietly enjoying taking the perforated edges off of sheets once they’ve come through the printer.

I still wouldn’t want to replace modern printers with them, though, except for goofs.

Dot matrix printers still exist. they are typically used, when a carbon copy of a legal form is required.

I actually first read “There will be no more mechanical keyboards at the office!”. Glad for you that it actually was the opposite of what I read. :slight_smile:

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