ThicThoc Springs V2


These are supposed to give a different sound profile?

No. ThicThock is just the “brand”.

@ajoflo - Thanks for this! Have you tried the MP (progressive) springs?

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4 springs are offered: two linears (at some what unique weights) and 2 progressive springs. I am curious about the progressive springs since these function by having a light initial push but get heavier the closer you get to bottoming out. They essentially “push back” more preventing you (ideally) from bottoming out. @skepp


Ye, I ordered 3 different kinds from sprit the other day. Gonna be fun to try.

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These are extremely pricey, but there is a justification for them.

The Spirit 63.5 G exists because people want something in between 62 and 65, and 63.5 is supposed to be their ‘sweet-spot.’

There is the rare ‘64 G’ spring, and this is one of them I guess.

I find that my Alpacas are too easy to bottom-out, even with 63.5 sometimes. But 65 might be more spring than is needed.

A 64 G is already a good start, and making it progressive could further improve the situation.

So I am legit interested in these. If anyone has any experience with these springs, I’d be happy to hear it.

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So I got some of the 64g Progressive springs and finally installed them in something. Zeal V1s.

I would say that I am enjoying them, but I don’t really feel the “progressive” nature of them. My gut says 64g is too light to notice this, but I am still pretty new to spring swapping and messing around with lighter weights in general.

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Ye, to light. I got some 72g and 100g and the 100g don’t feel heavy at all,