Tofu WKL board


Haven’t seen any discussion about it, so I’ll just get the ball rolling. looks nice to me:

I don’t know what the angle is though.


Hmmm; this catches my eyes indeed. South facing LEDs is a nice change. Quakemz has ordered one of these so I’ll wait for his live feedback of it.

Damn KBDfans has been rocking it. This is the perfect time for them to push the TOFU HHKB and TOFU WKL on people who regret missing out on the Tokyo60.


I was really impressed by the WKL layout. I rely on it for gaming :slight_smile:

And yes, the South facing LEDs is a nice change.


This is seriously everything I wanted. I will surely get one when I can, which will probably be February. Also I hope it fits DZ60 because if it does I’m going to modify the “plate” for 2u backspace.


KBDfans are killing it at the moment


Should be the same as the standard Tofu.
Mine (drop-in) arrived a few days ago and its pretty hefty (720g)