TTC Heart/Love switch review

Loving these Love switches from TTC. The construct and QC of the switch is outstanding, there are pieces of different plastics but no tolerance or creaking sound whatsoever. The stem is long with a flat bottom vs. tappered bottom you commonly see in other switches. Stem wobble is very good, as almost good as Gazzew stems.

r/MechanicalKeyboards - TTC Heart/Love switch review

The switch is plate-mount (3-pin) but it’s very stable comparing to other 3-pin switches.

Stock push feel is pretty smooth but there is a slight resistance at the end of the travel (expected from PC top part of the stem) , with a little scratchiness (stem rail is POM) and spring ping. But with a little thin lube and spring lube, it’s way smoother and no ping sound at all.

Spring is 20mm, so you can expect the force curve is pretty flat. It’s easy to bottom out (I personally like it).

The best part is the bottoming sound of POM stem on Polyamid bottom, with a thick lube, the switch even feels even smoother and produces a nice deep pleasant sound, it’s even deeper than Durock Lavender (see video: while maintaining the volume. Topout sound is somewhat clacky (PC stem and top) but not harsh.

Finally, the aesthetic. I think we don’t need any review here since you can all see it in promotion pictures (yes, they look the same in person).

For 1$ per switch, this is a good price for it’s contruction (many parts) and QC.

Comparing to 250+ switches I own, this is my most favorite linear switch, I highly recommend it.


I have seen very positive reviews of these. Seems as if some actual care went into the design and production.

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I haven’t tried lubing these yet but otherwise can corroborate all of the above. :+1: Great concise review.

TTC has been killing it in that regard, I think. These in particular seem like a showcase of their design considerations, but their recent linears and tactiles in general have been instant favorites for me because of their feel.

Besides the nice and smooth polycarb topped ones, a good half of them are “scratchy” - or “textured”, depending on how it strikes you - but in context of the stability and consistency I don’t even mind. I find that Nylon “snap” bottom-out sound extra tasty.

Edit: I almost forgot seeing this similar switch the other day.

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As I’ve mentioned in the review. The scatchiness/textured part is more like 1/3 last of the travel distance where the POM meets PC in the stem, do you think so? I will try to inspect it further when I get my batch of 90 of them, since I heavily lubed the only one I have in hand.

Regarding TTC Tiger switch, it’s currently priced at 1.5$ ea (normal version), or 3.5$ ea (OG/collectible version), which is way higher than this switch. In term of appearance, TTC Heart has an advatange of a more “neutral” colorway (obviously?), while TTC Tiger has a orange opaque color and that tiger head, it’s more biased. I personally hate that colorway and that tiger logo actually.

I hope they sell the unassembled version of these switches so we can assemble it like we LEGOing.

Good stuff. What are some of your favourite recent TTC tactiles?

So far it’s Matrix tactiles; they have a nicely rounded bump at the top.

It has the same stem as a Bluish white but a different housing with no dampener - I know there are other similar TTCs like the Demon and their “Holy Panda” but I haven’t tried those yet. Pretty much any of their switches that have the rectangular dust shroud have been at least good, and most I’ve tried so far have impressed me.

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The switches finally came. Can’t imagine a better typing feel and sound :3 smooth, creamy, low pitched key presses.

I also managed to disassemble a switch to see all the parts. You probably need a razor blade to take apart the stem halves, but others part you just need to push/pull.

The factory lube is so inconsistent and terribly applied.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen factory lube that thick or that badly applied. Interesting

Looks like they slabbered on some XHT BDZ on there…

Kinda interesting the way the stem well is separate from the bottom housing. Really the whole modularity of the switch is pretty impressive. How cool would it be if there was a switch like this where you could pick & choose what plastics you want what parts to be! It probably wouldn’t be too feasible though. AFAIK even if you are making an identical part, to make it in a different plastic for the most part requires different molds & toolings.

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It does make me wonder if they’d be willing to develop modules in other materials; I think it would be cool if they’d try an UHMWPE blend for that bottom stem well, etc.

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TTC Love switch sound on my GMMK Pro board:

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This goes right past “thock”… I think we need a new onomatopoeia for how deep that keeb is.

Also switch manufacturers / vendors not making up their mind on what switches are called… I’ve seen this one called Heart, Honey, and Love. Gold Blue aka Brother. Moyu Black aka Dark Jade. Diamond aka Jadeite. Macho aka Banana Split.

It’s like trying to learn an assimilated pantheon.

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The naming confusion is mostly caused by translating the switch names from Chinese (which most of them are made in) to English. Unless the manufacturers have their switch names in English, there’s not much we can do about it.

Btw I’d IMO describe the sound “marbly”, since it has both low pitched and high pitched sound in a keypress. Still reserve the “thock” for Topre boards.

But also noted that I boosted the volume of the sound test by a lot, it actually is way quieter when you hear it in person (well, it’s GMMK Pro nature, can’t do much about it). I like this current sound anyway, not a fan of loud keyboards.

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