TTC Wild Switch Review

Hey all,

Another week up and another week down of brand new switches! Looking through my catalogue earlier this week I realized I still have not done an in-depth dive on TTC switches and figured with my recent package from Novelkeys that it was about time to get to it. This week, I bring you a review of the new, better than ever TTC Wild switches from Matrix Labs.

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Article Link: TTC Wild Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
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Surely there was a mountain goat themed pun I could have worked in here with the ‘Wild’ switches, but you have no hard I’ve racked my brain this morning trying to find it. Hope you all enjoy and thank you for the continued love and support - it means more to me than you could possibly know. :heart:

Goat :goat:


Thanks as always for the write up. I agree with most of what you concluded from testing with the exception of the perceived weight. I only have the “55g” versions myself, but have found them to be much heavier than other 68g springs that I own when testing in a full board (durock 68g in Tangies, TX 67g S & M or 70g S, thic thock 68g progressive, sprit 68g, catweewee 68g, etc). They are actually fun to type on as they feel like little trampolines for my fingers. I’m pretty impressed with the switch overall (well, with some lube to tame the stroke sounds).