Twitch Breach

Please reset your password.

I’ve reviewed the dump, and it’s very extensive. Bummer.


Don’t just reset your password, enable 2FA if you haven’t already!


the most interesting thing is the streamer’s monthly payouts. holy crap, how do they make so much? I guess the bad thing is that you HAVE to be there streaming on a very regular schedule to get views. Probably gets old as the years pass.

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My coworkers and I have been digging through some of their internal infosec tools, nothing revolutionary but some pretty neat stuff in there. We’re looking into implementing their tool that scans git repos for api keys.


This reminded me of some thread on Reddit ages ago, from the girl whose boyfriend would regularly stream his gaming on Twitch for that one special person who always watches his streams. She came to Reddit to ask how to tell him without hurting him nobody is watching his streams, but that Twitch (did?) count streamer as 1 watcher when streaming from XBox or something like that :partying_face:


2FA is pain in the ass, i hate it simply because i do not live with my phone next to me H24, i can be in my living-room with my laptop while my smartphone is in my car or in my office :confused:

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