Typing test: Greecherrytech


So I had leftover Cherry retooled silent black PCB mount housings from making MX Zilents (you use the stems and the housings are leftovers)

I find that Gateron linear stems don’t work so well for me in retooled Cherry housings, too scratchy.

I tried the stem from Greetech PCB mount black, and that felt good! I also used the Greetech top, because the Greetech stem with the retooled Cherry top is a little too wobbly. The Greetech stems are narrower where they fit into the switch top.

Why bother if I already have PCB mount Greetech blacks? Because this combo sounds and feels better to me than just straight Greetech PCB mount blacks. Less scratchy, mainly.

Just thought someone might find it interesting! I also spring swapped as I usually do, this time using Catweewee 72g springs. I lubed the lower housings and stems with Tribosys 3204 from switchmod.net and lubed the springs with spray-on dielectric grease.


You are the god we need rn @Walkerstop Def going to give this and the solenoid a try