Update: NuPhy TES68 is live! & Pre-order is now available

Hello, everyone! For the event of TES68 last time, thank you guys very much for your active participation! Really appreciate it!

Now we are thrilled to tell you that pre-order of TES68 is available!

There are 200 Beach Stone versions in stock. If your orders do not include the switches, we will send them out within 5 working days after you place the order, otherwise, they will be sent out by the end of Nov.

During the pre-order period, you can purchase 100 CIY EVO-RED Switches at a super value of $15. You can also get a COAST PBT Keycap set at 33% off. Limited stock! Grab it fast!

Pre-order period: From Oct. 28th to Nov. 28th

Estimated date of delivery: Dec. 3rd

The following links will help you learn more details about TES68.

Product page: TES68 Switch Tester Kit at $19.95 | NuPhy®

Works page: TES68 | NUPHY®


Why is this called a switch tester?

It’s hot swap and it’s cheap AF