URSA Topre keycaps: interest check is live!

So hyped for this!!!


Thank you all for the kind words and support :heart:

Have a great weekend.


Too bad that my only one topre board is ISO :frowning:

Please consider korean (hangul) legends. So tired of seeing $500+ for korean topre sets.

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Legends are centered, leaving very little room for sub-legends, which means Andreas will have to redesign the legends.

Also, relative rarity of Korean Topre sets is due to low demand. Adding survey section to gauge sub-legend demand would be more appropriate.

Thank you both for your feedback on the sub-legends @donpark @Seung

I’m going to quote @fkcaps answer from the FK Discord server about a question for the Japanese legends I have on my Sachiko development set:

Again, I’m sorry to break the bad news. Have a great week ahead.


Undertandable! Still rooting for the project and will support!

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Not sure if it’s worth a new thread, but if anyone is still following what’s going on with URSA, we have published an update on a new dedicated website yesterday: https://ursa.fkcaps.com/


Any update on Ursa? I know that there was news of the group buy on the website in November, but silence ever since.

As far as I know they’re still doing sample evaluation.

Having to go the group buy route also complicates things. They’d initially wanted to be able to find independent funding to cover the cost of the molds. That tooling is very expensive and has to be paid for whether the sale is successful or not.

If only I could get my hands on a topre 55g keyboard

Not to steal their thunder, but I guess I am. Anyway, NEW UPDATE! (14 January 2024)


Damn @Extra_Fox you beat me to it! Well done Sir :saluting_face:


great to hear about the new updates @fkcaps @Andreas and nice to see @Cipulot PCBs in the pipeline as well as more Topre/EC housings/cases planned.


Very cool!

I wish they release an MX switches compatible version too. I love the URSA profile but I don’t own a Topre keyboard.

have you tried MTNU? seems to be similar mid-height with scoops

I have checked them out, but their scoop is more shallow than the MT3s’ I am using now. And I think more shallow than the URSA’s too.

As you enjoy MT3 I don’t think you will find another profile with such deep scoops. If you still want to try URSA but not willing to buy a Topre board then commissioning Andreas to 3D print an MX set for you is probably your only choice.

URSA Group Buy is now live!