[US-CA] [H] TGR Jane r1, Duck Octagon v2, Salmon alps build [W] Paypal

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/Ixoi0nO

Can ship internationally if you are willing to pay for the extra cost

TGR Jane r1 - $800 shipped CONUS SOLD!

* Titanium Grey
* Stainless steel plate
* 55g vint black stems in Cherry RGB housings with in switch LED’s installed (spacebar has the same specs but with a 78g springs instead) on a NerD pcb
* There is a dent in the bottom northeast corner of the board which occurred during shipping, but otherwise the board is in mint condition
* The original numbered weight has been replaced with a Jane CE weight
* Keycaps not included

Duck Octagon v2 - $800 shipped CONUS
* Board as seen on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGt3muIM1fs (specs are in video description box)
* Board is in mint condition
* Comes with both aluminum and acrylic bottom. Not looking to split.
* Has internal SS weight
* Keycaps not included

Salmon alps build - $280 shipped CONUS
* Switches were cleaned and greased
* Housed in a generic low-pro poker style aluminum housing
* Keycaps included, and were cleaned

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Is the Octagon sold already?

Sorry it has! Forgot to update this post

Alright. Do you know where i can find one?

You can only find it in the aftermarket now :frowning: Gotta find someone willing to sell theirs