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Depending on which lube(s) you need them for, I’d recommend either 14 (for thicker stuff) or 18 gauge (for thinner stuff) pipette needles and industrial syringes (not sanitized, cost less than medical grade ones).

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, a kit like this might be useful:

The purple-cap needles are 21 gauge - good for oils like 105 or 106. The blue-green ones are 18 gauge - I use those for stuff like 205g0. The darker green ones are 14 gauge, and I use those for thicker stuff like 206g2 and dielectric grease.

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Amazon knows the deal lol



Thank you! I have my own Dielectric grease, so this should be perfect.’

To clarify, I was looking for just an empty syringe, like the one thock-pop has. Just wanted to see if there was a better deal (or kit), so this should be perfect.

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Edited for Linears, Springs, and Deskmats. Shoot your shot, I’ll consider any offers!

I have a bag of 77 old desoldered 67g tealios (R8, Nov 2017) you can have for the price of shipping from NC if you want them. The springs creak like an old mattress like everything else from Zeal but they’re remarkably smooth unlubed even by today’s standards.

Would note, due to them being desoldered they probably won’t work with hotswap sockets.

Sent you a PM!

Updated for Cherry Tops/Housings and TKL kit

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