[US-TX][H] Artisans, Gherkin Kit[W] PayPal

Hey everyone, I have a few things to sell here. I’m really only looking for Paypal offers at this time.
I am also only selling/shipping to the US at this time. Prices include the shipping cost and Paypal fee.
If you have any questions about any of the caps/KB please let me know. I also have most of the boxes, cards and stickers that came with some of the keycaps.
Thank you for checking out my post, have a nice day.


Keycap Stem Price
Project Key - Ghost Servant Topre $55
Keybai - Lunar Cap R1 Fe Orange MX $35
Jelly Key - Guardian of the East - Overseer MX $70
Navacap - Pok2 Black Green GID MX $35
Thabertooth - Catatomic (comes with a green/teal set of eye) MX $45
Green Gherkin KB kit - Comes w/ Green PCB, Diodes, Standoffs, mosfet - DOES NOT INCLUDE PROMICRO $40

Hey, I’m interested in the gherkin kit if you can ship all the way to Australia?

Hey, sorry, but I am only going to ship within the US. Thanks for the interest though.

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