[US-VA] [H] For Trade: Keysets, G80-1800HAU, SAG Dyesubs, Model M, Leopold Keyboard, Paypal [W] GMK Sets

I’ve been looking for GMK Red Samurai with the base and novelties for a bit, figured it couldn’t hurt to post here as well. I’m open to buying the set, or have some goodies to trade as well.

For Trade:
Cherry G80-1800HAU - Vintage Cherry board with vintage blacks and doubleshots. Excellent condition - was sold to me as NIB, cable is still in plastic wrap - also comes with original box which is beat up a bit.

Cherry SAG Dye Subs - Vintage Cherry Dye Subs with the UK layout. These have noticeable shine, definitely saw their usage. They feel awesome, pbt shine is nice. Great condition otherwise.

DSA Deep Space (Core + Orion Mods, Polaris Planetary pack, blue and purple WASD).

SA Dancer (tkl, numpad, specality) - light usage for tkl, rest is new.

IBM Model M - 1992 - grey logo. Missing - on the numpad, otherwise in excellent working condition.

Leopold FC-750R PD with cherry clears - grey/ blue doubleshot PBT keycaps. Excellent shape comes with original box and extra keycaps (numpad kit for a 100% set of these keycaps).


Will consider trades for GMK Sets (solarized dark, camping, 9009, led zep, coniferous, muted, hydro etc) or ANSI Cherry dyesubs


Bump! Added a few things!