[US-VA][H] GMK Sets - New or Unopened [W] Venmo/Paypal

I’m getting rid of most of my GMK sets, and decided to start with the unopened sets. I’m starting with the last price I saw the sets sell for on /r/mm as I’ve not really been paying attention to prices, so feel free to counter.

Accepting Venmo (preferred) and Paypal. CONUS shipping only- shipping not included.

Keysets for Sale

Set Price Timestamp Notes
GMK Muted R1 - Base (Sold) $175 https://i.snap.as/wwXr1pk4.jpg New In Shrink
GMK WoB (Sold) $100 https://i.snap.as/7YScFGha.jpg New in Box
GMK Penumbral w $275 https://i.snap.as/rMEFCru1.jpg New in Box
Solarized Accent Kit (Pending)
GMK Oblivion Git v2 (Sold) $250 https://i.snap.as/6wjW9g0U.jpg New in Shrink
GMK Phantom R1 (Sold) $300 https://i.snap.as/K3fJZsOl.jpg New in Shrink

Ooh, IIRC a couple of people posted about wanting GMK Phantom in the “Which group buy do you regret missing out on” thread. @Deadeye?

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Can confirm, gib phantom pls

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I think the GMK BoW is actually WoB. It’s like White (font) black (background).

Is it like a reversed GMK Plum?

You are correct. Corrected.

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Kinda? The yellow on phantom, in the most flattering of lighting conditions, tends toward a muted yellow that seems like it’s trying to imitate something in between matte gold and brass, but, in actuality, struck me as being more of a “butter” yellow. Plum’s is a super pastel yellow that I’d associate with bake sale cupcakes and their yellow frosting…for some reason.

The pastel purple on plum is less intense/saturated, and will retain its distinctly purple look even on cool lighting (looks more like a GMK Violet on Cream purple, but a bit more desaturated and blueish in hue) or warm lighting (takes the ICs original pastel hue, but a tad bit more vibrant than that).

The purple on phantom is…finicky. It can go from a beautifully intense [Tyrian?] purple in soft, even lighting to a very indistinct almost black shade of purple in dimmer lighting conditions. ← friend of mine got quite hissy about the latter shade.

Phantom’s color tends to swing around quite a lot more than your average GMK keyset…could be a plus or minus depending on the person. Don’t get me wrong…it’s really nice. However, if you went with it because of the expectations set by the IC renders for phantom, or, hell, even the provided pantone codes + samples, you will be sorely, sorely disappointed. Imo, Phantom does grow on you if you give it some time.

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Darn, I wish I didn’t miss that WoB set from Originative

This is kinda one of the turning points in my “thought process” of expenses for hobbies… if I could Lube, Film, and Break in enough switches, a GMK set might be in the near future.

Also, the fact that I don’t have a useable keycap set (refer back to TIL thread) isn’t helping.


Reduced price on Penumbral to what I paid. Everything else is gone!