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Hey KeebFam

Boba Black U4T Pre-order opens 4/5 with a shipping estimate of mid - late April.

There is a Giveaway happening on reddit if you are interested in Boba Black U4T’s, check it out!

Boba Black U4T Sale Details:

  • Pre-Orders will kick off on April 5th 2021 - I am doing pre-orders in order to ease fulfillment. They are estimated to ship to vendors by April 15thish ! ( they are currently in production)
  • These are All Black Recolors of Gazzew’s U4T’s. They will look like Cherry Black switches in color. - I have housing samples but have not received stem samples
  • This is a limited run, I believe there are plenty to go around but once they are gone, they gone.
  • Available in 62g & 68g
  • Price: .65/switch
  • Regional Vendors

This was supposed to originally a Black History Month Special but every month is black history month so we right on time!



  • KBDFans Lube Tools Kit - enroute, shipment was lost it has now been found ETA next week
  • TTC Blue Whites
  • TTC Watermelons
  • Gazzew Clear Tops with led Slot - primarily to tighten those loosy goosy Gateron housings but can be used on other MX Switches as well


  1. Bacca60 PC Edition GB kicks of April 10th 2021 at 12PM CST!!! 100 units max. DO NOT GET CAUGHT SLIPPING! The booty on this thing is real!! Shout out to Chewwy & BlindAssassin who gave 3DKeebs the opportunity to run our first Keeb GB!
  2. Cherry Hyperglides GB has arrived! Shipping to GB participants will begin next week. -use the contact us form on the site if you need to change your shipping address.
  3. Joy Big Ass Mousepads are still enroute to me! I will update yall when they arrive - I appreciate the patience on this one!
  4. We got a a motha-effing warehouse!!! A small one albeit in preparation for the Bacca60 PC and other large item/QC fulfillment endeavors. So buy please. I have rent now.
  5. We now have 3DKeebs.com Gift Cards are now available, slide the link to your bae or family that have no clue what to get a keeb nerd like yourself :slight_smile:
  6. Klarna is now available as a checkout option! Affirm will be soon available as well so those hefty keeb purchases can be a bit lighter on the wallet. (use pay in 4, please don’t pay credit card interest on keebs guys)

Other Stuff!

  • Usually 5% of net profits monthly are donated to Black Girls Code . March’s books are closing this weekend and 5% of net profits will be donated to Feed The People Dallas . In light of the increase in violent attacks on our Asian and Pacific Islander family; April’s donations will go to AAPI Women Lead Organization which aims to challenge and help end the intersections of violence within the womens AAPI community. Jnlybean put me on this organization and their movement really spoke to me as a black woman.


Hit the IG & Discord to see Customer Shoutouts, exclusive updates, giveaways and the rest of my fuckery. :slight_smile:


I think this is the first time I’m legit stoked for a recolor - def grabbing some of these. The one and only thing I don’t like about vanilla U4T’s is that Grey Poupon stem.

I’m delighted to see your store doing so well. :slight_smile:


<3 thank you!!

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I’m so excited for these!!!

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Hell yeah

!!! This is so exciting!