[Vendor] Prevail Key Co. - Monstargear XO K80 TKL Pre-Order Live!

Prevail Key Co. is the NA proxy for Monstargear’s Project XO K80 TKL and the pre-order is now live !! This is an in-stock pre-order with units shipping out next month! US residents get a flat $30 shipping rate & no need to pay shipping twice, we’re covering shipping for the units to the US.

This is the polycarb version, this is a gasket mount TKL, with a brass bottom weight in an antique PVD coat finish, available in either solderable or hotswap configuration. Comes with an aluminum plate (FR4 plate available as add-on purchase).

Also features RGB underglow and is QMK compatible (no VIA support).


Does the hotswap PCB support 5-pin switches? If so, this seems like a fantastic tester board for me.

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Yes! It does support 5-pin switches for the hotswap version :slight_smile:

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Sorry for all the questions but one more because I’m so close on this: there’s an LED software included, so is that required full-stop for managing LEDs or does the board support basic QMK RGB matrix definitions/behaviors?

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I will find out and get a definitive answer. I’ve been told that it’s fully QMK compatible but I will make sure what you’re asking is supported.

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I really appreciate it! Thanks for being so quick with the responses.

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No problem and sorry for the delay, was just waiting to hear back. Below is the copy/pasted response from monstargear.

You can tell them what I’ve told to you. They might understand.

It’s not usual QMK LED matrix but you can use QMK LED control key

I’m not personally familiar with QMK programming so hopefully this makes sense. If not, I can try and get more clarification.

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That makes sense, and thank you!

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Perfect, not sure if that’s the feature you were hoping for haha. Let me know if you have any other questions.