[Vendor] Prevail Key Co. - New Items & Restocks

Big update, will try and keep it short & sweet: Prevail Key Co . has Monstargears Polycarb XO K80 TKL boards available for pre-order, these boards will start shipping next month. Monstargear switch openers have also been restocked, with more of the black aluminum color available.

We have added the smaller version of Monstargears lube station , it holds 70 switches, we’ve also added THICC switch films . Regular thicc and resized (thinner) versions available & come in Prevail Red or Rose Pink colors.

SPRiT springs have been restocked! All the previous types and weights have been restocked, we’ve also added MX Slow Extreme II 65g & MX Supreme 69g springs.

We still have good stock of all the popular lube (205g0, 3203/3204 & 105 oil) and other accessories that we carry.