Visiting our very own Norbauer's Warehouse!


It looks exactly as chill as Norbauer himself is lol. Very nice.



Looks like they’re sub-dividing a larger warehouse space for smaller businesses or something. Interesting approach too using the Corrugated steel to create the separation, but attaching them to the racking.

Sorry, I know that wasn’t the point of the video, but that kind of stuff is the nerdy things I like. It’s cool knowing that’s where my case will be eventually before it reaches me.


very cool. :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I don’t love the corrugate walls but this is just a pretty temporary set up as an experiment to see if running our own warehouse helps us keeping quality as high as possible and making other operational stuff less annoying than working with a third-party fulfillment company. If all goes well, I’d love into a more finished space. My long-term goal is to be able to open a physical boutique somewhere here in LA that sells fully-built, ready-to-use boards. But I have many challenges to surmount between now and then. :blush:


We had this big kick at my workplace where they took these 5x8 sheets of corrugated, made wood frames and then told everyone how they could rapidly re-arrange the area to suit any need. The problem was, we never did that and they ended up becoming defacto walls.

But what you’re doing there sounds like a perfect example of doing this correctly. Test it out before making a significant investment. Seems like a very solid approach.