Weird typing style on model M

Anyone else do this?

I’m old enough that I took “typing” in school. I always hover above my keys. But not with this one

I mean, my hands go all crazy when I type on my model M. My palms rest against the case and I never do that on any boards.

and arrow keys… instead of pressing them with the tips of my fingers I press almost 1/2 way down, near the knuckle… it’s so weird. But it feels so good.

Bottom row modifiers, yep, mash em with my palms. So strange. I don’t type like this on any other board.

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Nope. I’m also old enough to have taken typing class in school and have a few model M around for occasional use but I’ve never done what you do. I’ll give it a try though. Smashing fun!

it must have something to do with the weight and tactility of the switches as well as the texture/feel of the plastic.