What about keyboards made you laugh today?

I’ll kick it off:

Today my wife came over next to me while I was typing on a new board (lubed vintage black stems in Zealio housings) and said “that new keyboard is way too quiet… it gives me the creeps! I don’t like it!”


Hah, I like them as quiet as possible :slight_smile:

Not today, but a new coworker saw my keyboard at that time and told me he has one too but he likes clicky and has a hotswap gaming one.

I had 100+ box whites for a while in my work drawer, instantly took them out and gifted them to him.

He took one out, pushed it, and exclaimed : " Ooooh gosh these click twice !!! "

His face was funny and he got everyone mad that day by spamming a switch wherever he went.

Of course the board was never allowed at the office :))


Every time a coworker tries to use my keyboards. Had an Alice layout with Godspeed on it and so even the modifiers were cryptic!

It’s a good way to prevent people from trying to takeover what you’re doing instead of guiding you through a process they know more about.


Me: God so many keyboards, so expensive too, they all look so cool but I mostly game and simply type… Even my G512 feels good enough to me, not the best, but good nonetheless… I think an XD84 V2 from Kprepublic will be fine… I can’t use anything less than a 75% anyway… Damn all this looks so cool but so expensive, these boards cost as much as the GPU I plan to put in my first PC build…I should read and research and spend on the Kprepublic or the KBD or something like that, I don’t think I will ever spend as much as the prices listed on just a keyboa… (finds the Atlas GB)


And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I found that I would like to join the keyboard community as a not-as-much-an-enthusiast yet curious member.

The second one:
No one in my house understands why I have a board with so many switches that I keep pressing all around the house to check which one I like… :joy:
It’s a switch tester from KBDfans​:joy::joy::joy:


Being in lockdown and really only having my wife around to talk with, we share hobby stuff hers are makeup, and crocheting. So I listen and converse. It’s fun.

Then I start talking about lube and she’s making fun of me. SMH.

What made me laugh today is that GMK 9009 R3 just came out, and it’s completely f4*#ed. It’s like a cheap set from AliExpress.


Tons of warped spacebars, in both base kit and spacebar kit, misaligned legends, and spotty accent colour. If they’re going to complete with KPRepublic 9009 on quality, they should at least have the decency to compete on price!

Do you have a link for this? alignment issues are a lot less likely for doubleshot, but any issue is likely to be the same in everyone’s set.

What do you mean spotty accent color?

The GB thread on GH:


Starting around the bottom of Page 4.

There’s the typical S croll and P r int keys, Pause, non-straight ‘-’ dash, and rotated ‘P.’

But there’s also a high frequency of spacebar warping in some kits, and the pink mod colours have double-shot ‘bleed’ with spotty white colouring in them [Page 6].

Here’s the alleged ‘bleed:’

The kicker is - I originally bought the set only to see 9009 ‘done right,’ as I already own ePBT 9009.

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jeez, I’m not sure the bleed is something I would notice unless pointed out, but yeah that ain’t good.

I just had a look at the thread and it does look like it def has some issues. From what I’ve seen GMK is completely slammed right now, and I can’t imagine covid is helping, they probably aren’t able to run at full capacity, and with the combo of those two I’m not surprised that quality is suffering.

I know it’s all personal preference, but I have epbt9k9 and many GMK sets, and I would prefer to type on the ABS GMK uses over epbt any day.

Is it that pbt-looking surface that is the issue?

From what I’ve seen GMK is completely slammed right now, and I can’t imagine covid is helping, they probably aren’t able to run at full capacity, and with the combo of those two I’m not surprised that quality is suffering.

Yes. I was leery about them being able to handle the original order when I bought it in 2019, because there were so many sets and the base kit was priced only at $99 or so.

So they were going to have to manufacture thousands of these base kits, at $100 base price, plus many, many spacebars. And that was before COVID hit.

When COVID hit, I kinda hoped they would play it safe and just take a looooong time to produce the set. But instead they are taking thousands of orders to keep themselves busy at extremely high intensity.

Is it that pbt-looking surface that is the issue?

To me, it looks like there’s more bleed between the legend colour and the keycap colour than there should be. But it would be best to check the GB thread and read from people who have experience with this sort of thing.

It does look more like PBT dye-sub than usual, though.

I actually really enjoy ePBT 9009, but I find that I like ABS texture for some switches and PBT for others. So I have use for both. GMK is supposed to be ‘cleaner’ and more consistent than the competition, as well as matching OG colours, so that’s why I bought it.

Anyway, maybe we should take further discussion of this into its own thread, as its not about humor anymore.