What are you more excited about, Mark65 or Melody 65?

These 2 kits seem to be clashing lately, so let’s hear the community consensus.

Personally, I’m on the Melody side, what about you?

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Mark 65, but i am biases as I purchased one :slight_smile:
I tend to stay away from the over complicated designs like the one melody has.


I like the look of the melody65 better, and the more standard layout, but tbh neither of them is particularly interesting to me.


Because this is driving me crazy, here are links for people curious:




Personally I feel pretty “done” with 65%s for the most part.

I think the Mark65 and Melody65 will be great for people who are down to clown with a 65% after they miss out on the Bauer R2 raffle :laughing:

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You finally went for it!!


I also liked the Mark65. The Melodys angles and style was a tad bit too aggressive for my taste - but had I not already purchased the Mark65 a while back, I would’ve considered it.

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Not fair to bring bauer in this comparison.
I think it’s also ‘outside’ the price range.

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Oh you’re definitely right, but I feel like many people will look at the Mark65 or Melody65 as the rebound partner when they get rejected by the Bauer.


Kinda like the aggressive shape of the Melody65 but the front height looks to be very high and may not be comfy to use without a wrist rest.

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Now that a big part of the Marks have been delivered (mine not yet), I can say that I am very disappointed on how Boardsource has handled this.
There are issues with:

  • the PCB firmware;
  • PCBs that get fried despite having ESD protection;
  • the top and bottom parts don’t sit flush because the gaskets are too stiff? To add to the insult, they said that this is part of the design. People with warped poly cases due to this probably don’t think the same.
  • when asking for a replacement of faulty PCB, some were asked to pay it fully.

All of the above will probably keep me away from buying any more stuff from manufacturers that don’t have an established good reputation in the community.
/end rant


Melody. Also, I think it’ll pair nicely with the macro-1 I just bought.

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I didn’t expect a lot from the Mark, didn’t get a lot. I’ve put together my metal case (still have a polycarb in the box) I can say the plate was tight and hard to work with. Fine with it otherwise. Hoping I don’t have PCB issues crop up… Thanks for reporting on this. GBs are not all equal.