What did you get in the mail today? (Part 1)

Benq Screenbar for my monitor (goodbye lamp!) and some Sprit slow springs.


The C64 layout is definitely something that takes getting used to. 9u space bar and 1u backspace, and not everything is where I’d expect. Hard to beat as a fun novelty, though!

Exocet - looks like Adobe might distribute it now, but it’s also not too hard to find if you don’t have it already.

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Oooh I want a Benq monitor. Tell us how that lightbar is!

Got ‘im lads!!

Also got the ingredients to make some Phoenix switches. (Durock housings)

But… I forgot to order springs… :confounded::smirk: Back to the mech stores! :moneybag::money_with_wings:


Got Mill Max sockets!

But broke a switch during the initial test / install.


Tacit switches! Initial impressions are love!
They’re a little noisy out of the box but I think, like Silent Alpacas, they’ll benefit greatly from relubing and switch films.


I actually ordered some but they haven’t shipped yet. Hope they feel as nice as they look!

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I’ve been looking for some of these! Where did you find them?

On keebwerk. They restocked a couple weeks ago!

Aw, snap. I bet I looked at their page like the day before… thanks!

I’ll be doing a review and comparison to Zilents soon!


Got in my 4 acrylic KB stands from TKC. Very nice with a quick test, one will support a 60% & 65% KB for sure, although you may need to use two for TKL & larger boards. Now I’m gonna have to build those display shelf for my keebs I’ve be procrastinating on, LOL! I also got in a Industrial Grey Pain cap from Brew Caps, fricking mind blowing the detail he crammed into this sculpt! Then I also got a Zambumon dark hexagon deskpad & some 204G00 from Novelkeys. I really like the 205G00 I used with my Alpacas in my e6.5, but unfortunately I don’t think mike restocked it. There was this & 205G0 still available when I ordered & I can’t see 205G00 selling out faster than everything else?

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Very cool. I’m supposed to be getting acrylic stands today as well. They look good in the photo!

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Yeah they’re pretty sturdy too! I think you should be happy with them! Let’s us know what you think when you get some boards on them.

welp, I got the exact same stands today so I guess I don’t’ get to post :smirk:

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LOL, well I just posted the stands by themselves. I’m sure we’d all appreciate a pic or two of your boards on them! :wink:

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Well if you’re gonna twist my arm :wink: :innocent:


Are there two or three points of contact with the ground? The images weren’t clear on their website.

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