What did you get in the mail today? (Part 2)

That actually looks like a fairly nice board! Akko must be stepping up their game in the face of all the great budget stuff we’ve been seeing lately. Shame no QMK/VIA support or even layers with their own software. Seems a little like they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory there. If it had support for either this board looks like a winner!

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There are other MOD 007s with VIA support so I hope this will be updated.


o look it me

(SwagKeys Knight Stabs)


Nice, let us know how you like them! Personally I’ll be using these over TX (other than where I need clip in stabs) since they are a little cheaper. I got some of those Maiz stabs coming soon too which are even cheaper than both & have the POM with TPU slider also.

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Again, I. Today there will be a very large number of photos again!)

Let’s start with something simple.

J Lab Ripple Switches


  • Upper Housing: Nylon
  • Stem: POM
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • Spring: SUS 20mm
  • Actuation Force: 46gf
  • Bottom-out Force: 58gf
  • Actuation Travel: 1.8mm
  • Total Travel: 3.5mm
  • OEM Manufacturer: SWK

A very nice switch. It already has a smooth smooth good sound out of the box.
You don’t need to do anything. Molded strong body. Excellent “Leaf Contacts”

BSun Dream Switch**


  • Linear switch
  • PC top housing
  • Nylon bottom housing
  • POM stem
  • about 22mm 2-stage spring
  • Initial force 32g
  • Operating force 37g
  • Bottom force 42g
  • Pre-travel 2.0mm
  • Total travel 3.6mm

Outwardly they seemed similar to me. But inside they are not at all alike. And the sound is different too.


But I compared them)
just in case.

And now the main course, and my expectations.


WS Stupid Stabilizers


  • Stem: PC
  • Bottom Housing: Pom
  • Clip-in design eliminates the need for screws.
  • TPU silicone in housing is applied to the areas in contact with the wire to reduce friction
  • These stabs start from the front end of the wire and the inside of the stabilizer stem respectively to avoid the noise caused by the collision or friction between the wire and the stabilizer stem, which also greatly helps to improve the stability of the stabilizer.

Of course there was a difference.
But this difference is not in the stabilizers themselves. They are identical.
Only the packaging, name, and equipment are different (there is a wire for 7u), but there is no sticker on the board, and for some reason the thickness of the wire is 0.1 mm less.

Here are more close-up photos of the difference



Will do for sure - those Maiz ones are the others I want to try!

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Yet more resin, got my first cap from Azi in yesterday!

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I was messing around with some Haimu Clipper Sea Serpent switches that I got in the mail today.

So these are supposed to be a good solution for building something without a plate or with a 1/2 plate (possibly even hotswap) where the pins can partially clip into the PCB for extra hold.

Supposedly they are removable for 1.6mm PCBs. But holy hell, they are REALLY hard to get out. I was going to use these in a 1/2 plate hotswap build today, but I abandoned the plans after finding out they are very difficult to remove, even with 1.6mm PCBs. I tried multiple PCBs with the same result. I even tried a Cannonkeys PCB, still to not avail. It would be torturous to have to take a board apart that had these switches.

I can’t really see a use for these. I think you should consider anything you put these in to be a permanent build, that’s for sure.


DCX Solarized Dark

Pictured on a Portico68 BL with Gateron Smoothies & custom birchwood plate, garnished with Southeastern house-dust

Arrived a couple days early - sweet. And hey! They listened to my one criticism of DCX Solarized: that there wasn’t color matching in the nav cluster / row for some popular configurations, and solved it by consolidating the yellow into the yellow-green. I liked the yellow legend color as an option in Solarized, but I like this more: now I can Home-PgUp-PgDn-End to my heart’s content, and they all match. :heart:


The shipping box from Corsair Memory gave me a chuckle

No worries about all that space for the box to bounce around, though - inside is the better of the two types of packaging I’ve seen DCX come in, which protects each individual key from bumps and scrapes:

I have enduring criticisms of Coarsehair / Dorp / GeekHork, but I’d be lying if I told you my fingers didn’t get happy every time they hit a set of DCX keycaps. These are no exception, and another instant favorite set.


I wonder if the manu tried impregnating the wood with resin before milling, if it would be a more permanent solution.

Big mailday today with some interesting rarities, i guess.

  • Cherry Red with White top housings. Nobody seems to know anything about them or that they were even a thing, same as me.
  • Transmit Toy. Full POM long pole linear supposedly made by JWK. Rare, obscure but quite good with decent wobble and smoothness.
  • Both on the far Right are the same, But different Nameplate. Jixian Holy Dog v2. Jixian full travel Linear with, what i assume to be, PC top, POM stem, PA bottom. Quite wobbly and pingy, but not the worst. Some of them have Varmilo nameplates.
  • Oxwin Grey Clicky. No idea who Oxwin is or who the manufacturer is, but i assume it’s greetech. It’s the usual clickjacket switch.
  • Switch Master blue. Supposedly a very old Huano switch under the Switch Master brand. Sharper click than the Oxwin, but still just a clickjacket switch.

Ha! My very fist mechanical switch - crusty and rattly as it is, that clone Blue was the beginning of me “catching the bug”


More Fugus from my tear I’ve been on winning ETF’s “Shot & a Beer” raffles (been having seriously good luck on artisan raffles the last 3 months!). Also got in a black PP plate for my Matrix 8XV 3.0 from Hype Keyboards. That way I don’t have to use that dumb alum skeleton plate it came with! Not sure when I’ll get to build it, work has been a killer the past two weeks. We’re right at the end of a few jobs & I had to pull 12 hours nights last week & 2 double shifts so far this week… :weary: Although thankfully I am back to daylight work now & the rest of the week will be normal 8 hr. days. Plus my next couple paychecks will have a shit ton of OT pay. So while I’m super beat from all the long days that will make it worthwhile!


Ended up finally finding the perfect keycaps for my QK60 R2 in my mailbox today…

Key Kobo Taiji

After swapping in some Swagkeys x HMX Milky Whites, this board has been leveled up to S-Tier now :drooling_face:


Got SA Metaverse in the mail today from Dorp. Weirdly well packaged into individual sets after I got the latest revision of SA Laser Cyberspace in a big bag a little while ago. Here is a potato picture because it’s late and I can’t turn on the lights:


Kemove sent me these budget TKLs: K87 & K87SE. The simpler SE starting at $28… How?! All plastic, wired, not hotswap, but still a full prebuilt with caps and switches. The coral caps are pretty nice 1.5mm double-shot Cherries – it would be really awesome without the messy dye-sub secondary legends.


Got this crazy cap in today! Inkblot is the queen of resin drawing I swear! Also curious if she actually made 400 of these? If she did that is crazy!


is0GR arrived! Very cool with a great little hardcase.


Yet another neat thing I missed out on and really, really want. I’ll add this to the increasingly long list of will-never-find marketplace items…sadface.

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Oh, they’ll have extras!