What did you get in the mail today? (Part 2)

I haven’t tested it. Will let you know when I do.

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I never imagined that my dream ‘end game’ keyboard – an exploded, custom-built EC 75% board – would come true. Well, not yet, but the numpad seems very promising! After this, end game is within arm’s reach!


More resin, my latest two winners from ETF’s S&B thursdays!


Today I got a couple of travel sleeves for my 40s (only have a couple right now) and some Gateron Uhmknown, which sound just like lubed and spring swapped OPBlacks. I think I might be buying more of those cause I have to say the difference is so minute, I might be able to spare myself some spring swapping a lubing. The Uhmknown are the perfect spring weight for me and already come lubed, really can’t beat that!


Never thought I’d get a Sinne :smiley: This thing is heavy AF!
Just threw in a pcb I have lying around to see what it’s like.
Viktus Sinne – Viktus Design LLC think he’s clearing inventory, link in case anyone wants to grab one


Got a Mr. Maw artisan in today - was a gift from a friend.


Got a good deal on a second hand set of SA Mizu.

I think I dig it.


Is SA Mizu sculpted or R3 uniform? Either way it’s a banger of a set, I’d probably even rock it if it is R3 uniform & I hate uniform profiles! :rofl: Very nice pick up bud!

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Uniform sadly, but it makes it easier to put on a 40 percent at least…

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BAEs from Sneakbox. The packaging is so fun. I don’t want to open them :sweat_smile:


They’re easy to reclose! I store the enter and pipe key in the place of the BAE


Amazing packaging lolol

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My batch of Snow Rabbit linears is sitting in my mailbox waiting for me after work! Really hoping these are just as nice as the Smoothies, would be awesome to have a full travel switch that I can just plonk into a board & go with! Will let you guys know what’s up when I get home in a little bit here!

Edit: I’m at home & have checked the switches out quickly.

Overall they are very close to what I was hoping they would be, Smoothies with full travel. However the factory lube job is nowhere near as consistent as it was on my few batches of Smoothies. So these are not switches you can just plop in a board, they’ll need some work to get the consistency from switch to up to snuff. Other than that though I think these will be a great switch!

Edit 2: So I took a closer look at the Snow Rabbits & while they are very similar to Smoothies there are some big differences I noticed. First of all the spring, it’s using the usual garbo 14 or 15mm springs Gateron was notorious for using in the past instead of the nice 2 stage springs Smoothies use. These will 100% need spring swapped, the stock springs are fairly inconsistent & very crunchy. The other big difference I noticed was the Snow Rabbits use different mold for the top & bottom housings than the Smoothies. In practice this really doesn’t affect the switch too much as both using a Smoothie spring feel & sound extremely similar sans the long pole bottom out with the Snow Rabbits.

Personally I’m cool with these issues as I’ll just spring swap & hand lube these to get what I want out of them. However I’d still recommend Smoothies over these as the Smoothies with the good factory lube job (have heard there is some batches of Smoothies out there that have inconsistent factory lube) can be used 100% stock. While these Snow Rabbits will need some elbow grease to shine.


maisonofthewest fan club here too. could you put the silver/metal this guise up against topre beige and gray (pref rf and leopold dark gray if you have a chance.)


I sold my 660C awhile ago, but have pics I can use for that comparison.


those are lovely, the amount of work put in is mindblowing

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CannonKey Springs came in these cute little drawer boxes. I ordered 2~3 stage springs in 55g and 58g weights to see if any of them can fill in mid-gap in my spring weights.


I got in the Cat:( 60% from Ctrl/frek/.

These pictures don’t really do this board justice as to how beautiful this color blue is on the case.

It’s a simple o-ring build, not dissimilar to the Bakeneko or Unikorn.

Went with Cherry clip-in stabs and the new Tofutypes x KNC Tempeh linear switches and tossed a Gateron Cream Soda in the space bar. Topped it all off with GMK Nightlife and an artisan from Mr. Maw

Moar Pix


I think they’re good springs, though I’ve only tried them in a few switches. They are supposed to have a bit of dry lube on them, but my perception and comment from Upas indicate many of us will prefer them with additional lube.


I saw a topic on the zFront. I liked the look of the drawing. Plus, there was an expectation that the texture would be non-standard, as is usual with all deskmat.
And so it turned out.
The fabric here is very very rough and tough.)
Massage for blood flow to the skin of the hands)


I even made a video)
You can also watch it on Instagram or YouTube.