What did you get in the mail today?

I just got some Reds and Mints in the other day, and I’ve had some Trashies for a while. The quality of the housings seems pretty much on-par - I can’t tell a difference - but - comparing them side-by-side, I do notice more crunchy spring noise in my examples of the Trash Pandas - pre-lubing, at least. Otherwise, they feel similar enough that I probably wouldn’t be able to tell them apart with without looking and listening closely.


JTK Hyperfuse

Huge keyset. Bag full of unused keys. Two cases the set came in sucked. Quality is not bad. Some of the legends are wonky but nothing to scream or sigh about. Plastic feels cheaper than GMK’s but I liked the drier texture. HF R1 colorway in person is not impressive at all but it may grow on me. Will I get another JTK set? No.

UPDATE: Just noticed the scuff mark on the space bar. Oh well. At least it comes with plenty of space bars.


I mean your opinion is yours to have, but I really like the value JTK offers compared to GMK. I don’t see much different with the legends other than GMK’s being sharper & more well defined. Also I never got the impression that the plastic JTK used was cheaper, just different. Sucks that the cases for them were wonky, cause those are one of the best things about JTK sets IMO. Also if you did get some damaged keys I would hit up either the vendor or JTK himself. I had to get a replacement Enter key for my JTK Toxic set & Oco. came through for me with one. I will say though the HF colorway didn’t come out too great in JTK’s run. The black/teal mods look more Sky Dolch than OG HF. I might be wrong, but didn’t OG HF have a darker black on the mods?


Ohh, I see an E6.5 there! What materials & colors did you go with for yours? Mine turned out amazing, the finishing really blew my mind. There is just two small anno streaks you have to hold it in the right light to see & they are both on the bottom. For some of the anno horror stories I heard I was expecting a few more inevitable flaws, but Exclusive got his anno guy on point!

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Completely agree. I got mine in today but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I think I have four other JTK sets, I’ve been happy with all of them .


I’ve been very happy with my R2 JTK Purple on White from Zfrontier (which has the legend mods fixed but N/M issues big time), and when GMK First Love comes in, I’ll be able to give my two cents. As for how I feel right now? Just more cheap doubleshots, baby.

(i still like taihao cubic)


Re difference in opinions, absolutely. I’m very much aware that my opinions tend to be critical and understated at best. Thank goodness there are very few like me. :slight_smile:

Yes, JTK Hyperfuse was a good deal as keysets go. As I stated, I do like the drier feel of JTK plastic but it seems be higher pitched than GMK. Without data, it’s just perception. Anyway, PBT and POM is what I like and I’m not a big fan of ABS so this will be my first and last JTK keyset. After changing some keys for more understated look, original HF colorway is looking a lot better.


Just don’t look at the H hard enough to notice it’s the wrong font/typeface :stuck_out_tongue:

Imo JTK’s Cherry stuff is cheap sure, but if I’m buying a keyset based on looks I don’t want stuff that doesn’t look good to me or bothers me to notice like some of their legends tend to, particularly icons.

At least HSA seems to not have much for legend issues, as long as you don’t look at the Frow too hard…

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I think “Shif t” would like a word with you.

All gripes aside, I’m very curious to see the difference for myself, as well as the projects that JTK has in the pipeline.

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I think “ Shif t” would like a word with you.

Yup. That and the Tilde key legends looking sloppy. Hyphen and Equal key legends could’ve used some improved too although GMK legends on these keys are not so hot either. I think having a third-party designer to fuss over the details and to act as control impacts quality hugely.

Was there a designer behind JTK Hyperfuse or was it just done in-house?


Got a few Yoks and Cherry clears for testing with Halo stems.


Got me some red :panda_face:.


I also see a “Fn” that’s not too far from “Fh.” I really want JTK to consistently produce great legends, someday!

Another artisan - hit the jackpot in a recent Death Caps raffle and won a Bad Luck. It looks amazing in person, to the point where I might start collecting them!

That said, I might just keep this and the Velites and scale back my idea for that GMK Coral build, trading the rest to find artisans matching other sets more closely.


Hyperfuse, deep space, and a Fjell


Nice, that looks like Ultramarine! Will you put Hyperfuse or Deep Space on it?

It’s not mine, but one I’m building for a friend. It’s a Founders Edition all brass version :wink:. Going to go with a polycarb half plate (diwhy style) and lubed gat red inks.

Might stream the build tomorrow TBD

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It is ultramarine! It’s beautiful! I wanted a JTK purple on white kit for it, but I think deep space might be pretty cool, we’ll see.

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Got 100x Purple Pandas for my Wife’s first board.

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Please at least put some pics of it up if you can’t stream the build. I’d love to see what one of those all brass beasts look like!