What did you get in the mail today?

Nice haul! Can you please post a pic or two of the Cubic BoW set? I actually have it sitting in my cart on NK right now, but I’m debating on pulling the trigger or not.

Cubic BoW on my wife’s keyboard. Accents are from another Cubic set. Cubic alpha legends are pretty good.

This was one of my early builds with visible mistakes. I’m going to rebuild it when I can.


Got some new keycaps - MDA Big Bang 2.0
Quality is ok. I like the clean look. And there are a lot of different keycap options in the set.


Thanks for the pic bud! They do look really clean, think I might have to jump on a set.

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Got an extra awesome surprise in today! Won a single Carbon blank in Bro Cap’s latest raffle, but look at what showed up along with it…

A Carbon Froper with a TMX stem! :scream: My first Froper I ever got to make it even better!

This absolutely made my day & shocked the shit out of me, cause I didn’t see any mention of him planning on putting extra caps in random orders. All I can is say is a huge thank you to Bro for this one & I love you guys too! :grin:

I also got some other stuff in this week to, but didn’t get a chance to post it.

I got my custom colorway Skull Candy cap from Mohawk Caps in. I asked him to match Jamon for me & he nailed it right on the head! Perfect cap for the season as well!

Also got a Dr. Click cap from Hammer in to match up with my ePBT sets.

Finally I got a big haul of mostly Cherry R1 Idea23 blanks for a great price off r/mm. Most of them to match up with Jamon & the 2 greyish black ones to match up with Gmk Oblivion V2. Definitely a good week with resin for me! :sunglasses:


I got chu; talked about it on stream at this timestamp


10x 67g Zealios V2 because I miscounted and was a few switches short for my lubrigante whenever it comes in.

Cost of shipping was more than the switches.

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Damn that sucks, did you have to get the switches straight from Zeal too? Kinda wish you had put up a post about it here, I could’ve sent you some 78g V2 Zealios with V1 67g springs in them probably for much less. I think I got at least 30 of each in my stockpiles. Oh well, you got them now, but always check the community if you need just a few switches or say one 2U stab, stuff like that. There is almost always someone who has what you need & would be willing to help a follow enthusiast out! :wink:

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Nah its no big deal, I pretty much just chuckled to myself when I figured it out.

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Yeah I’ve done similar things, well glad you got what you need now man! Did you put the Lubrigante together yet? Post some pics when you have a chance!

Got my artisans from the KeyForge fulfillment sale yesterday. Very very nice, and seem like good matches for these boards. But when I started to use the board with GMK Shoko on it again after a couple of weeks, I find that two more switches are either double typing (D) or not typing at all unless I hit them much harder than usual (O). These switches are some of the “fake Zealios” from KBDFans, and I’ve already had to replace one or two switches on this board for similar problems. Very annoying.


And there are still people who want to deal with Durock… :thinking:

You madman!!1 I have 2x2u on my ergo60/boardwalk prototype.

I got and built my lubrigante with krytox lubed creams last week, takes less time to adjust then i though.

Did put jamon on it, but sadly there was no alpha colored key in there for the second ‘b’, used the up arrow for now.


One of the R4 keys from Ène Survival Kit would work nicely there. Maybe put a WTB post for one up.

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IIRC the 40s/split kit had an extra B key just for that purpose

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I got an OSA and a keycap set I have been after for 5 years!


Linears: some Black Inks, Creams, Tealios, and enough Kailh Pro Burgundys for a board.

UPDATE: I can now feel how Tealios feels slightly better than Inks or Creams stock. Will see if lubing erases that gap or not. Learning that there are so many variations of nothing is an eye opener.


You lucky bastard you! Skull Squadron is literally one of two DSA sets I actually want (Galaxy Class being the other). Awesome pickups man! I didn’t even know about the OSA, looks like it was super limited though since you got 20 of 20.


God, you reminded me of Burgundies. If it wasn’t for the fact that they don’t support films, I’d be grabbing a set to lube for my Tofu.

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