What did you get in the mail today?

A package of samples of switches I haven’t tried before…

Here’s what the package is supposed to include:

‘Lilac Tactile’,
‘Crane Tactile’,
‘Greentech Brown’,
‘NK_ Silk Yellow’,
‘Gateron Ink Black’,
‘NK_ Cream’,
‘C3 Kiwi’,
‘Outemu Ice Light Purple’,
‘NK_ Sherbet’,
‘SP-Star Nana’,
‘SP-Star Purple’,
‘SP-Star Gray’


Nice score! I really like your Schrodinger CW! :ok_hand: :smiley:


The key stickers arrived, and they are really, really bad. I guess they will do for now, just for learning.


Good luck! I tried learning Steno, but just didn’t have the time to fully get into it -_- Hopefully it works out well for you and you’ll be flying past us at 250+ WPM :smiley:


This is my third attempt in the last 5 years, so I know how you feel. It’s always an excuse for building something, though, so that part is fun.

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I got the full nylon lavender switches from cannonkeys in the mail today.

Pretty impressed. Fully lubed and filmed they sound very nice. Much less wobble than a gateron KS-8 and deeper sounding than typical JWK polycarbonate switches. Can’t quite get rid of all of swishy/scratchy sound of the legs on the contact leaf, but it’s very faint. I think I’m going to be using them soon in a build.


KAM Little Pilot.

Oh wow, these keycaps are incredibly shiny. Not sure if it came out that way in the pics, I’ll get a better shot out later.

The uniform KAM profile actually feels ok to type on, maybe a little too sharp/squared off on the edges of the keys.

I did notice some damage to the left shift (one edge is chipped) but I haven’t seen any other issues.


Gateron yellows. Curious about these, especially for their price. These are the ‘good’ kind supposedly.

And got some Gazzew silent stems to play with.


What determines this? Been interested in trying these myself.

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I been seeing these around, then I found them on switches.mx and it identifies the different variations. From what I can tell, the variations appear to be different stem and housing materials. KS-3 are apparently recommended: POM stem and top/bottom Nylon housing. When I saw a note they were related to N1s I got more interested. I have a set of those and they are really nice.

So I found these on Ringer Keys in stock, and ordered them.


Can you compare them to other Gat variants by chance (KS-8, KS-9, etc)? Even a comparison to Cherry MX would be appreciated if possible.


I just did the same thing & grabbed a batch of all black housing KS-3 Gat yellows to see if the really are any better than the other KS-3 variants (black bottom/milky top. all milky) or the KS-8s I’ve used most often with Gats. Let us know what you think when you get a chance please!


If Nolawill doesn’t get around to it by the time I get my batch in I planned on doing those comparisons & will report back to you guys. I don’t got any KS-9 Gats, but I do got a bunch of KS-8 yellows & the other variants of KS-3 in blacks. Also got plenty of Cherry MXs to compare them too.


A sealed GMK Dark just arrived. :smiley:


@fatalruin @M_er_sun @Rob27shred

Ok, devised my own test to compare among the few gaterons and linears I have. Each row of the board is a separate switch. I left the far right column exposed so I could remember which row is which.

From the top:
Gat Black Inks (filmed and lubed)
Gat Yellows KS-3 (who we’re talking about here)
Gat Blacks with Poly Stems (2nd fav)
N1s (fav)
Cherry Red

The yellows are a bit scratchy and light on the feel. Definitely no where near the poly stems or the N1s. But they have potential. With some mods, they could be a decent switch. Especially for the price. The housing feels thick and solid tho. I’d say the yellows are a few steps below the Gat Blacks and several steps above the Cherry reds in terms of sound and feel (based on my tastes)

@Rob27shred please share your input when you get them. Would love your take as well.


Nice. Tealios still the best though?

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Oh yeah, tealios are still better. I’ve only had that in a sampler. A full set of those IS on my shopping list. I have to pace myself with these buys tho. Lol


Silent alpacas arrived today. I almost didn’t hear them. Lol


EV-01 linear switches from bespoke.keys, for an upcoming Evangelion-themed commission build.

The client hasn’t yet settled on whether to go with these, or the tactile Shokōgi switch with a similar color theme - either way, I’m happy to have such loud-looking switches in my own collection.

These EV-01 linears are good ol’ JWK re-colors, so most of you will know what to expect there.

Initial impressions of note; there does not appear to be any factory lube on these, and there is a bit of spring ping - so some tuning is definitely recommended for anyone planning on using them.


I’ve been wondering what a full GQN set would look like from PMK so I finally ordered one.

It’s slightly darker than L9 and definitely more tan than U9.

I think the L9 of 9009 or epbt beige goes better with the cream space65, but I like it for the low profile of DSA. Seems fitting for this board. It’s such a pretty e-coating. It has a lovely shine around the bezels.

Of course you know it’s impossible to portray accurate whites across screens, but I thought this shot could help.

It’s closest in spirit to U9. However, U9 looks more gray/olive in real life than the tan of GQN.