What did you get in the mail today?

That’s cool! Does it improve the sound? My Quefrency sounds “empty / flat” to me (for the lack of a better word), and I’m guessing due to the lack of a resonance body. Not knowing if it actually helps, I wasn’t able to pull the trigger on a 3d printed case for it.


It does change the sound slightly; the walls of the print are quite thin, and give it a bit more internal resonance which I think works well for it. I’ve only ever used it with these switches and caps, but I’ve always really liked the sound of this pad. Kind of hard to describe, but definitely unlike any of my keebs because of its construction - steel plates and a fair bit of hollow space.


I used to own a quefrency for a time, first without a P3d case and then with one, its certainly worth the money for the updgrade, both in terms of accoustics and board feel, although if you take a day to sand and spray paint it, the surface texture will be greatly improved IMO


Taro. Took 3 weeks to get across 4 states.


I feel your pain – my set took nearly 2 weeks to move a 4 hour drive’s distance. Looks great and worth the wait.

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Update! DES Pink domes typing video + comparison to stock 55g!


required for the perfect heavy grail build

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Id argue good mx sliders are even more crucial. Here’s hoping Dean kills it with his sliders.

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EDIT: few potato pics of the penguins’ stem added


unless you’ve got Novatouch sliders lying around, MX sliders are basically worthless, just use Topre caps

EDIT: Fixed Mega brain fart spotted by Huey

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Don’t you mean Novatouch?


How do you like them? :nerd_face:

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oof, yes, braincringe

Well, I’ll note that my preference is for bigger sharper tactility so I only got enough of these to collect/experiment. That being said:

  • Very small but present pre-travel that is felt but not overly-so
  • Nice mid-tactility P-shaped bump with little to no “shelf” afterward; there’s linear post-bump travel but it doesn’t feel like bottoming-out is inevitable
  • Great housing fitment; zero wobble between top/bottom even after opening
  • Small, acceptable N/S stem wobble
  • Slightly greater but still acceptable E/W stem wobble
  • Pretty smooth even before proper lubing; the UHMWPE in the top/bottom blends seems to be helping
  • The UHMWPE does make it sound a hair higher in pitch than my preference, but it’s more muted than, say, Zealio housings
  • Slight leaf or spring ping (haven’t swapped springs yet so idk)

Overall they seem like a pretty nicely-refined version of a switch that isn’t my “type.”


Very nice! I was so wondering about this. Good to know. Great review as always.

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Recieved my purple trash pandas from novelkeys the other day. These are a 5 pin panda housing. I do not have other holy pandas to compare to but they sound and feel awesome with the halo clear stems I swapped into them. The panda housings have absolutely zero top bottom wobble at all. its quite impressive actually. my zealios and nk blueberries are both much worse in this regard. I ended up soldering them into a gingham after lubing with 205g0.

I like them so much that I ordered more from nk along with some polias to frankenswitch together as i have heard that polias make good halo stem replacements since they are near identical.


Square.X60 arrived today. Stunning, beautiful finish and striking red weight, but not sure I will build this one. This may be a flip as I already have too many 60% boards.


Also in the mail today:

a nice big even cutting mat surface to improve my hobby desk


Well, stay far away from the KBDFans EC 2020 keycap set.
They 7 arrived with a broken socket, the right shift broke off in the slider while I was typing, and the 1U control with misprinted.

Has not been fun trying to get KBD to sort out the issues.


LMAO no way

Is the gap between keys wide enough to be annoying?