What did you get in the mail today?

I plucked a whole 60 % with the Gateron puller. Works like a charm. Now let’s see how durable it is … :grin:


Good to know, thank you !

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Mine broke down after 2x60 or so. But I think some superglue can fix it.
And I got some broken switches when I tried to do it fast.
It’s not flawless but I like it anyway.

Are there any recommendations for the durable switch puller?

Got me some DSA Nerd by Matt3o and a Reviung41


I got the standard green puller from Ali and did the mods listed here - Switch Puller Mod

It has been working great! It no longer damages my switches either.

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Some different sizes and types of bump-on feet; firm silicone, soft silicone, and sorbothane.


That “standard green” has a lot of bad copies. I’ve got two in the last year, and I don’t remember exact sources (Amazon, Aliexpress, Keygem; 2 out of those 3 for each). One (likely the one from Keygem) works great, on other one (although they look almost the same) ends bend when I use it.

I was hoping Ramaworks yellow one is top-class, but judging by the comments I saw I think on this forum - seems not.


I love the Hudson Hi-Fi bump-ons. Just do not confuse inches with centimeters as I did:


Ye that one works great, but I was hoping for some real swift action with the Gateron one. Like single bolt-action VS semi-automatic.

That’s what she said!


Me: Shopping for trash cans
Amazon: We know what you really like
Me: You cheeky bastards


Ramaworks probably the worst that I’ve used. Lasted about half of a board before the metal tips had to be re-bent every switch.

I recently got one of the Gateron spring action ones. It was perfect on a board that I had just de-solded so I thought I had finally found “the one.” Alas, I tried it on a hot-swap board and the results were not as great. It was still able to get all of the switches out but it took multiple tries for many of the switches. Found that I had to concentrate very hard to pull directly “up” and even that didn’t guarantee success.


I’ve got the 3014 but always wanted the 2014. The blue alps are in great condition too!


I had the ends bending UNTIL I modded it. Then I have not had any issues. I think the problem is the prongs are too long by default.

It works for me. If it craps out on me, I would buy another for ~$2 and mod again. :smiley:

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Just gotta get the USB converter and you’re set!

Got em in spades

Woooow that thing is clean. Epic board mate!

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These things have the best blue alps sound imo

Just some more solder & some tip tinner. Gonna see if this no clean stuff is really less messy than standard rosin core. :thinking: