What did you get in the mail today?


Awesome! I think that raffle turned out great.


GB on Kono Store. But I do see KBDfans have them in stock now.


Yeah, they are missing all the comparability kits though. I hope they get stocked at some point


End of the week was a good time for mail!! Rascal Caps Hoarder and the long awaited Kira 96


A couple of Juju Cables, hand delivered from Australia to Beirut. (He’s the young handsome fella).


From the past few days.

Apple IIgs with SKCM white alps
R T1 switches
GMK Monochrome
Starry Night RAMA cap


I finally have a Type Beast :grinning:


Oh wow, awesome pick up! That is a super nice colorway too, would go perfect with Space Cadet!


Good thing I have SA symbiosis coming in the mail eventually😀


WoB. First GMK set :partying_face:


Awesome, I’m glad it finally made it to you bud! Looking forward to seeing pics of it on your boards. :metal:


It’s Holy Grail Board day in Pittsburgh! :money_mouth_face:

Just got this badboy in, but still can’t believe I own one now! Especially one so clean, look at those switches :star_struck:! There is some yellowing on the caps, but the case isn’t yellowed very much. Also the switches look & feel like they been barely used. I was thinking about harvesting the switches for a custom build, although now that I’ve got it in hand I’ve decided that converting it to USB is the best route. Besides it’s rarity, it’s such an awesome looking & feeling board I don’t think I could bring myself to rip it apart. Plus who can pass up having a board with a 9u spacebar in their collection! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably one of the best GMK set :slight_smile:


You coming to Columbus? If so I’m gonna touch the hell out of that.


LOL, yes definitely planing on coming to the Columbus meetup. I will for sure bring it!


GPL 104, 106, 205g0 from Store Uni!


for the love of god keep it clean!!!


Laserboost decided to deliver some awesome mirror polished plates today, nicely done.
Time to draw the case for CNC milling.


A few things:

Brown Woodgrain Deskpad
RAMA Canvas Deskmat
Gateron Ink
NovelKeys Cream
Zap “Starry Night” Cable
RAMA Wave Hydro R03


https://imgur.com/aFuGfi9 https://imgur.com/NsklCCQJust got my Novelkeys Gateron Inks and a new HHKB Professional 2 along with an artisen shidenkai FX now I’m just waiting for more 3204 lube and silence rings for the hhkb