What did you get in the mail today?

  1. Be an absolute sucker for anything with an HHKB layout.
  2. ???
  3. Prophet.

I need to see if I can track down one of the very, very few sets in existence that have a stepped Control for maximum :ok_hand::weary:


Finally got home and opened my box of Boba Nixdork switches. Bonus candy!

*nixdork badging

Limited production housings; aside from color the most notable physical difference is the LED slot, looking like one from Ye Olde Cherry switches.

The listing says these are A.) smooth out of the bag and B.) have tighter tolerances.

I’m not sure about B - they don’t feel especially stable or resistant to wobble - but I can definitely confirm A; these are nice and smooth right from the bag, and I really don’t think they need tuning unless there’s a very specific way of lubing you prefer. At minimum, the spring lubing is better than a typical Boba - no ringing from these guys - not even the tactile ones.

More info as I spend time with them.


Mmmm those LTs look delicious!

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<3 hhkb layout. Is this Sugarplum?

It is! This is the second Nice PBT set that I’ve picked up and I quite like them so far.

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Well, would you look at that …


Red esc and red spacebar; a classic look!


So clean! Let us know how you like it once you get it all built up! Any plans for the switches you’re gonna use?

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Yes, I’ve always wanted to try light tactiles on a ‘plateless’ mount, although this isn’t identical to the old G80-3000 types, AFAIK.

I was saving up some Meteor Orange to lube and film for an HMKB. But I feel as though they could be perfect here. But I’m not sure. I also have Zealio V1 on the way, some mid-weight Ergo Clears [I would prefer light-weight]. I would even consider Hyperglide Browns for this, but I understand that they might bind with GMK.

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Order new deskmats at mykeyboard.eu, very nice for the price (€15 each).


I got another brass pen in today.

This one is an Autmog 38, it takes parker refills and tolerance for the tip opening is ridiculously tight. I had to replace the included refill because it doesn’t work well with the paper I typically use, but my other parker refills don’t quite fit. I ended up being able to get a Gelion refill in there but the tip got stuck, pulled out of the body and made a mess. G2 and Fisher PR refills don’t fit at all. I guess I’ll have to buy a few other brands of parker refills and see if I can find one that works.


Is there a pen thread? Should there be one?


Why I even buy a switch puller I don’t even own any MX boards?


In fairness, it’s quite a good switch puller so at least you’ve picked up a good one!


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Got my Holytom DVA today. factory lube isn’t the most consistent but not too bad. i like them more than the iceberg switches as they are both made by aflion/goldenorange but they are both pretty nice.


Maybe your subconscious knows something that you don’t – maybe a MX board is unwittingly in your future?


Soo cute :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I would never call yellow Ink’s scratchy, but side by side in the hand they really sound just that. Feeling is about the same tho.


Feker Holy Pandas…I don’t have the “Originals”, but these feel somewhat rounded.