What did you get in the mail today?

Noire is a great set. I have my base kit already. My novelties, from a different vendor, are currently bouncing around from post office to post office trying to get to me.

nice build! Hubris is a great starter 40%, rain did a great job designing it. I would reccomend using an r2 keycap instead of r1 on your escape, it makes it easier for me to hit. but good luck with your first 40!


Not sure if it relates to your troubles, but if your PCB supports a split space bar layout that could be worth a try. My experience is with an ortho 40% (planck-like) so it might not apply to your use case, but I found that having 2, 3, or even 4 keys easily accessible with my thumbs (for layer changes or shift on hold, and having space and either backspace or enter on tap) has been very helpful for transitioning to and using a sub-50-key layout.


The band is slowly growing :slight_smile:


Well, lawdy help me, I actually bought it:


Finally put the Anubis switches that @Deadeye did for me to use. I bought an ASUS ROG Z13 and will be using this LK67 as its keyboard w/ a Logi MX Anywhere 3.


Keychron K4v2 purchased last week, and just got some YMDK Matcha double shot shine throughs and Akko Lavender Purples in the mail today. Spent about 45 minutes switching everything out, and I’ve got to say, I might have been converted from a clicky switch person to a tactile switch person. Really loving the sound and the feel so far.


Welcome to the rabbithole! Those Akkos are pretty darn good, aren’t they?

The tactile space has the most actual variety, though much of that pools around a handful of popular styles with minor variations on those themes. Say that to say; if you like the Lavender Purples, there’s probably a good handful of other tactiles you’ll enjoy, too.


My order from Cerakeys arrived and they did not disappoint. They’re absolutely beautiful and even the carriers are cool.


bottom right sheesh

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Oh man. That’s really neat and I had no idea they existed - thanks for putting those on my radar.

If Delftware ever runs again, these folks need to be involved, right? I’m envisioning a really legit artisan or two… or maybe even a whole blue and white glazed keyset.

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Ceramic Enter key would be my choice.

So the set they’re coming out with will have all the keys, and I would imagine they may offer them individually at some point. Maybe anyway.

That’s what I was thinking as well. Delftware on actual ceramic keys would be outstanding.

There’s a big thing around Urushi keycaps in the Topre community and I could see them glazing some ceramic caps in a brown to get a similar effect.

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How’s the fit on switches, and does the stem seem malleable/adjustable enough to work with a variety of stems?

I just tried and they slide over the stem pretty nicely. I’m sure it will depend a lot on the mold of the stem itself, but I’m fairly confident that due to the non-compliant nature of ceramic, any oversized stem is going to be problematic.

The sockets though are super crisp.


Ceramic Enter key would be broken in a week. :wink:


Happy to report that I got some Glorious Panda switches today to try out.
I have to say that I am quite happy with them! Lubed them lightly on the inside of the bottom housing and on the spring – didn’t touch the stem. As a result, sound even more decent (it was tolerable stock). Also played with placing the Glorious Panda stem into Boba housing for slight but interesting effect: seems to reduce pre-travel?


Ooh, that’s good. The all white blanks are an appealing set…:sweat_smile:

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I do really love them! I’m glad I went for the Akkos instead of a more expensive set; they definitely do the job and seem unique among the “budget” switch sets. Now if I could only find some 1800 layout shine-through replacement keys for the missing pieces in the keycap set I bought, then I’d be golden. Right now, I’m using an R1 end key and R1 end, pgup, and pgdown keys, which detracts a little from the aesthetic, but don’t want to get a whole other keycap set to replace them.

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