What did you get in the mail today?

I really like the standard sized trays. They do the job well, fit a base kit & then some in 2, are stackable, etc. If I want to nitpick I could say some of the rows hold the caps a little tight making it hard to slide them side to side, but that’s an extreme nitpick IMHO LOL! I’d say they are well worth buy. Haven’t tried the MAX trays yet, but they’re just a bigger version so I’d be shocked if they were not just as good as the standard sized trays.

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Excellent! Thanks for the info. I was looking at Zenclack as well so I may go ahead and pick them up. I’m glad that you’re liking them!

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Hello Komagome Azuzu :grinning:


I feel like we ended up ordering the same switches lol

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Nice! Also, we didn’t have that shop on our list. Thanks bud.

Good word. I had to look that one up.


My Babylon just showed up! Everything was nicely packaged & the case is definitely A stock, couldn’t even find anno hook marks on the inside! Trailblazer definitely gets an A+ from me on this board. Not sure how I’m gonna build it up quite yet. I ordered a custom cut POM halfplate for it from GreenDoorGeeks & another PCB from Trailblazer. Just gotta decide what switches I want to use with what setup for it.


Damn I checked out that build log, this is a cool looking board with that mount. Do you know what the super lube on the o-ring is supposed to accomplish? I am thinking maybe a little less friction of the PCB on the rings?

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My guess is to prevent them from drying up and cracking over time since they are stretched so much. If this is the case, a re-application will be necessary from time to time.


AFAIK @fatalruin got it right. It’s mostly to keep the o-rings from drying out & breaking.


# FancyAlice66
1.Alice layout (66 keys in total, only one B key)
2.Gasket Mount (must have sound and soft play)
3.Acrylic stacking shell (it’s cost-effective)
4.Sandblasted white, full white, white (white is a good match)
5.pom material positioning plate (guarantee that soft bombs have)
6.poron pad, poron sandwich cotton, PE shaft pad (bring with the sound pack)
7.32U4 master control, support QMK/Via key change (only single-mode, after all, QMK has to be single-mode)
8.66 lamp beads + 16 bottom lamps (the first step is to lower the brightness)
9.The bottom plate is uniform and fully transparent (the effect of the bottom light is revealed)
10.Double space left 2.25U right 2.75U (reject orphan keys can be installed when they come)
11.South-Facing RGB LED (backlight looks better)

Bought to test this layout option. Also because it was very cheap.
Just collected, quickly. Therefore, there are two switches and two types of stabilizers at once. Nylon stabies and polycarbonate stabies version.


Got another Dysk mat for the office, the color palette is just too good, poppy but mild, its colors just work great with pretty much everything. I also swapped out my MX Master 2 (Teal) with version 3, in the grey color that is just neutral and awesome looking. Unfortunately, the Akko Arisu has interference with GMK clones, the modifier keys started to get stuck when bottoming out within a week of use, maybe more. The software is buggy and super slow and even though they made a CNC acrylic body, they didn’t bother with proper leg support, so all you get are double-sided tape legs you can slap on it, and that doesn’t look good at all. I ordered the FancyAlice66, which may fix these issues.


Seen the Fancy Alice 66 before & didn’t realize it only has one B. Not quite sure why they decided on that, but otherwise it looks like a great way to see if you like the Alice/Arsiu layout without breaking the bank. Also from the looks of the way it goes together it should have a pretty nice typing feel!

I don’t use the secondary B, so I guess it’s ok to skip it. Actually, I was surprised the Sand Glass Ergo didn’t include an Alt key to the right of the left spacebar. Another Arisu that caught my attention is Calice. An Arisu layout that includes F-keys. The price is steep though.

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How is the front height of FancyAlice66? They looked kind of tall in photos to me.

I’m at work. the same post just got in the mail)I’ll write more. There are moments, then I will measure the distance for you.

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Got the Ajazz x Douyu Blood Orange switches today. They are made by Huano so i compared them to other Huanos witches like Holytom v1 and Feker Emeralds. The blood oranges feel a littlet weaker in tactility in their own housings, but they feel almost the same when all put in the same housings with the same springs. It looks like the stems are either the same or just every so slightly more rounded than the other 2.


oooo are those new to their fruit switches or is this just a separate thing? >.>

21 cm front, 36 cm rear.
But I don’t need a stand. Large dialing angle and the fact that the hand does not have to be moved.

Now the main thing. Price quality.
There are no spare bolts, no spare stickers for the gasket, everything in the box is simply stacked on top of each other. So it depends a lot on delivery. I had a blow to the corner of the box, but even though the blow is strong, this place is protected inside. But still there was a blow in the center. Therefore, in the photo below you can see that my piece of the partition is broken.
The seller is sociable, promised to send a replacement for this layer of acrylic. But it is not exactly))
Via is not here. Only qmk firmware.
Very bright backlight. You can turn off the top and bottom separately. Lots of lighting modes.
There is very little Flex, the plate is like a pom, but it is like a hard PC.
Even if you press hard on the switches in some places, then the switch contacts will go away, stop working. Replacement of switches here only during disassembly.



EPBT Samurai! Nearly two years on it’s finally here! excuse the iphone photo but i don’t have a better option atm. Very relived that they turned out so well. Uniform, crispy legend, triple reverse dye sub PBT. What a time to be alive.


In comparison to a typical stock keycap, how would you describe EPBT?