What did you get in the mail today?


LOL, great minds think alike! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You’ll be happy with the finish if it’s like mine! No I haven’t built anything with it yet. I originally planned on using it for a ALPS build, but I have no way of properly stabilizing the long keys with the cutouts for Cherry stabilizers on the plate. Unless I get lucky & somehow get a DSA ALPS Throwback set when the extras hit, which is a long shot for me TBH. I thought I could use Costar clips with ALPS wires, no go, straight up Costar, no go. So now I’m trying to figure out what MX switches I want to use with it. Not sure about that yet. What’s your plans?


That they do, can’t go wrong with black and glittery XD. I’m doing a black and white theme. I picked up the frosted acrylic tofu case and a dz60. I was going to pair that with the black panc plate and some white blank ePBT caps. I really want to track down gateron ghost white caps but settled for the ePBT ones for now. I’m currently trying to decide if I want to use my tangerines or retooled mx blacks and also if I want to lube them.


Got an all black mail day today! (Retooled Cherry MX Blacks and ePBT Black on Black)


Now I need to decide if I want to lube my tangerines or my retooled backs XD.


Lube both!


I just got something in the mail today!


Would you say that powder coating is superior to anodized aluminum? I am thinking about powder coating my incoming S7 elephant.


I would say it’s a worthwhile alternative to look into, but I wouldn’t say it’s superior since sometimes you can’t get the same color/finish as you could with anodization. The benefits of powdercoating is the plethora of color and texture choices which makes it worth looking into.


Thanks for the insights


That fjell is beautiful. The line between 042 and round one makes me think that the weight is cracked for some reason XD.



Looks like it turned out quite well! How are the standoffs handled when powder coated? Do they tape them off or something or do they have to be redrilled afterwards?


You use very small silicone plugs and just spray the whole thing like normal. The plugs will keep the powder from getting in and are heat resistant for curing in the oven


I got my Hasu FC660C controllers from the man himself. One is already in the board and the other is going into my other FC660C that’s sitting in the box until the Heavy-6 is birthed into the world.

I also got this nifty keyboard sleeve from Amazon for like $12. It the Enhance Keyboard Sleeve TKL. Funny thing is it’s a better fit for 65%'s than TKL because of how tight skinny and short it is. Truthfully my novatouch barely squeezes in and the flap hardly closes but the 660C fits like a glove during it’s commute to the office. Would highly suggest for anything smaller than TKL…


Just ordered one! :smiley:


Keep in mind there is a little space but I like that since I don’t like having pressure on the keys in transit. Also it will smell like a tire because, you know, chinese neoprene :stuck_out_tongue:


My endgame came in the mail!!!


S7 Elephant


That’s a t h i c c board. Very nice!


Damn, from the pictures on amazon that thing looks super tight for any keyboard. Looks like it would press down all the keys once you slip a board in there. Might just be the pics though.