What did you get in the mail today?


Yeah it’s definitely too small for the size that they say it’s for. The TKL version is good for anything without an F-Row and about 2 columns shorter than a TKL as long as the bevels aren’t crazy. The picture of mine shows it pretty flat compared to the 660c


I got some switches in; Geekkeys Creamy Switches!
These are smoother than I expected TBH. Preeetttty smooth.


Also a figure because I’m a degenerate weeb :slight_smile:


enjoyPBT color4 - closest thing i could find to Gateron Ghost white for now.

kinda late on this, and not really keyboard related, but…

did anyone participate on hacktoberfest 2018? i received 3 shirts for some reason. first year participating.


hi huey

how would you compare the switches to gateron yellows or retooled mx blacks for example?
I am thinking about getting some for my upcoming build.


Few GMK screw in stab sets, for when the need arises


Nice, I got myself a little stash of GMK screw in stabilizers as well. For awhile there they were getting hard to find, although now most places have them back in stock. Still better to have than have not when you need them!


You can never have enough GMK screw-in stabilizers


2 12x12 Sorbothane sheets arrived.

Big thanks 2 @Manofinterests!


First ever bought keycap set - enjoyPBT sushi! Late to the party, but it’s just getting started!


Lucky, still waiting on mine to arrive. Although that might be a good thing since I just got one 12"x12" sheet & have to decide what two boards to use it on yet. :thinking:


Nice, can’t go wrong with ePBT! :metal:


I think your name is coming up real soon on the packing list :eyes:


Got myself the sun variant. They feel sooo nice don’t they? ^^


Awww love the fig, i’m like you, an otaku :blush:


Panc steel plate - black and star shimmer. Looks amazing, sadly doesn’t fit in the acrylic tofu case. Might need to modify the plate by rounding the corners, or Ill save this for another project. :<


Been in that topre mood lately



How is the board so far? I know you only posted it, but I’m super curious about it


Haven’t gotten a chance to open the box yet, been working on a couple of builds. I’ll definitely post a short review when I get a chance to give it a solid whirl (with photos).


That sucks it don’t fit the Tofu cases, kinda surprised too as mine fit into the 5 degree case pretty well & they are known to be tight cases. :disappointed:


So, I finally opened the box last night to give it a quick test before heading to bed and my initial reaction was “woah, this thing is smooth and really quiet.” Coming from using a stock hhkb lubed with 3203 all day, the r2’s tactile bump feels rounder than the hhkb. It makes the r2 feel lighter, but in a good way. I was curious if I wanted a lighter feeling board than a stock hhkb… so I brought it to work this morning and spent all day with it. By the end of the day, my concern for finding the “best tactile” switch just disappeared. I’m not saying that the le r2 is the best (a subjective topic), but that it makes typing feel…seamless. I’ll update you guys some more as I spend more time with it. I’m not interested in messing with the APC features or lubing the stabs or sliders at the moment because I want to experience the full stock experience.