What did you get in the mail today?


What I love about RF’s is that they are probably the best out of the box pure Topre feel and sometimes that’s all you need. I kind of HATED my FC660C stock until I put silence-x rings on it but even my unmodded Norbaforce feels head and shoulders better than most modded topre boards I’ve used. I can only imagine how much better a stock silenced and already smooth RF feels like.


yeah i was pretty sad when i found out that it didnt fit. if the corners were rounded on the plate it would have fit perfectly. im probably just gonna save if it for a different project. Im hoping it will fit in the noxary T60.


Any sound test/review for those creamy switches? Wanting to pick some up but have to wait until the Canada Post strike is over or pay double for DHL.

How would you compare them to the V2 Novelkeys Creams?


Do you guys know if KBDfans or an EU proxy will sell these in the furure? I would like to buy a lot of switches but the import taxes are crazy


Same, it makes my 3d printed Kish feel way more substantial


I believe they are the only one carrying it at the moment, you could always ask Barry from Playkeyboards if he’ll declare the package at an extremely low value to help avoid VAT.


65g Arctos… they arrived yesterday, it’s close enough.


Nice! Curious to hear your thoughts on them, also are they really pre-lubed?


I don’t know if it counts as getting it in the mail seeing as I had to go and get the box from the post office but I finally got SA Pulse!


That’s such a nice clean picture!

Purple turned out way better than I thought :eyes:


They’re pretty good switches, bigger bump than stock zealios (compared to R9/10) but less than Royals, rounder than Skies v2.2. Less ping than zealios too, but that could be because they are prelubed. They are a pretty good switch for those that want a lubed switch, that are in stock and cheaper the gb Zealio price. Zealios v2 / Holy Panda are still ‘better’ bigger bump, but these are great for the price.

FWIW: a lot of this hobby is subjective and based personal preference. I think they’re fine, but I’m sure there will other that think they’re shit. So ymmv.

And yes theare lubed… a bit less than MOD switches though.


A Crkbd just arrived, so cute. I feel it’s gonna be a big step for my today’s skill at building a keyboard.
It will have leds, oled screen, Millimax sockets and Olympia switches if I can find time to lube these old ladies.


Forgot I just received some single switches. All Mod switches, Outemu skies, 62 and 67 Tangerines. Mod switches are fine, Outemu feels too tactile too me but Tangerines are amazing, the 62g is soooo smoooth. Cannot wait to have a board full of these.


Thanks for the detailed reply! Oooh this does look really tempting, I might get some to try!


I’m a fan of MOD tactiles myself & think they’re very underrated in the community. The have a rep for being scratchy, but between the batch of tactile Ms, tactile Ls, & all of them in singles I got I really don’t see it myself. Particularly he linear MODs really surprised me with how smooth they are, not Tealio levels of smoothness but definitely on par with Gat linears. The tactiles are pretty smooth as well with a nice bump around V1 Zealio levels of tactility maybe a little bit more. Although being sold for 60 to 80 cents a pop in most cases the are a hard sell nowadays.


I’ll give a better try for the Mod linear, have you tried to lube them ?


NPKC wrist rest from massdrop GB.


No I haven’t, I just got a single of each. I’ve been wondering how’d they feel with a proper lubing, but want to keep the ones I got stock for my switch collection.


Recorded a ‘quick’ typing test:

65g Arctos on an M60-A with internal weight and using GMK keycaps. Lubed Zeal Stabs with Permatex grease.
Keyboard was placed on top of a deskmat.

Audio was recorded at shoulder height distance with a MXL 770 cardio microphone through an Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo and gain set around mid way. Audio clip


Got my sorbathane sheet in today, props to @Manofinterests for running the GB! Definitely pretty happy with this stuff for sound dampening. I put it in my XD60 v.3 build & aluminium Clueboard so far, it makes a really nice reduction in loudness of each without changing the way they sound to much!