What did you get in the mail today?


TIL that USPS is doing 5:30 am deliveries.
I guess it for all the Black Friday packages that have to be delivered.
Anyways, got a box of Sorbothane


Got my keyboard bag today!!! I’m so prepared for the next meetup now.


That is sick! Where did you get it?



I hope I get mine this week. Did 60% double in black on black with the strap. How’s the strap feel and how is the build quality? Looks super nice.


I’m super pleased with it so far. Seems really well made



maybe it’s obvious, but what switches are these?


They are the coveted Invyr Panda Switch

Edit: Just zoomed in and they look to be Bsun pandas!


oh neat! thanks :smiley:


they are Pandas, and they are coveted. but they’re not Invyr’s


They might be the new Bsun Pandas, I believe he was supposed to get a review batch. @TaehaTypes got his batch already & his review/comparison between the Invyr & Bsun Pandas/Holy Pandas was very positive! It’s looking like they nailed the new ones being as close to the old ones as possible, I still want to see more opinions though.


I’ve got some of the Invyr’s. turned them into holy pandas. I like them, but they aren’t my favorite.


Back when Invyr was running the GB / stocking it in his store, I was going to buy it but then I found Topre LOL


haha nice. I bought in the GB and then put them on a board. Didn’t care for them and so the board sat, then holy panda thing happened and MD finally sold the switches by themselves.


Outemu sky 2.2 62 gr, clear top no slot.
Impulse buy at candykeys because of the black Friday 10% deal.
I guess I have to build another board :grin:

Do I need to retool them or is it not necessary with the clear top?
Which lube is recommended?


Re-tooling does help with the smoothness but is also a time consuming & tedious mod. Your best bet would be to lube a stock one up, then re-tool + lube another one up to see which you prefer. Also the tighter no slot tops should help with smoothness if you decide to not re-tool. With less wobble the stem should rub less against the central shaft in the bottom housing giving a smoother feel.

For lube I’d suggest Tribosys 3204 or 3203, The community consensus is that the Sky housings take well to it. I lubed my Sky bottom/no slot top switches I have in my Nightfox with 3204 & had good results. Although mine are re-tooled & I’m using Halo stems in them.


Use 1.5mm or thicker keycaps if you’re sensitive to scratchiness like me. I found Outemu Sky scratchy even after retooling and lubing but I was using Cubic profile which is relatively thinner. I originally switched from Cherry to Cubic on most of my boards because it improved tactile switch feel. Unfortunately, it also emphasized scratchiness. With thicker caps, like from EnjoyPBT, GMK and SP, scratchiness disappeared.


Thanks! Choose that version because of wooble. Will try lubing first.


Got SA Foundation with a few color mods and some KBD X-Rings