What did you get in the mail today?


I have some thick PBTs from a typewriter and some vintage Cherry double shots I could try😁



Ok lubing definitely makes a significant difference. Feels great!
I used silicon oil https://www.ballistol-shop.de/Engineering-products/Silicone-spray_B_S_42_67.html
because I had it at hand and I had some good results with in years ago on a Cherry ML board and it is safe for all materials.
Will try to get a PTFE based oil (like the Tribosys) today and test whether that makes a difference.

Is the 62gr spring the same (or very close) as a cherry brown spring?
I tested the sky with the cherry brown spring and expected it to be lighter, but I couldn’t feel a difference.


Looks like the silicone oil works better than the pfte oil I ve got. It might be because the pfte oil is too fluid.


Nice find! I’ve had my eye out for a SGI Bigfoot for some time & had no luck (found a black one at least though!). Where’d you find find this beast at?


I got lucky and copped it on Ebay! I actually won the bid a month ago, but after a month of being lost by USPS, it finally managed to find its way to me. Was a tense month of waiting, but I’m really happy it’s here. I was originally going to just scavenge the keycaps, but after holding it and admiring the case, I might just do a full restore.

The case has a few scuffs I need to scrub off, the keycaps could use at least a rinse, and the switches definitely need a clean.


62g is the bottom out weight of those Skies & 45g is the actuation weight of MX Browns so their springs are very close to each to other in actual weighting. Surprising to hear you prefer the silicone based lube better on them though. I’ve staunchly stuck with Krytox & Tribosys, but now am curious to try some silicone based lube on Skies. Gonna have to get a small bottle, what brand name are you using?


Damn, glad it made it to you after all that! I ended up doing a restoration of my black Dell branded one pretty much for the same reasons. I was planing on just harvesting the switches but once I got it in hand I liked it so much I figured may as well keep it in one piece! Anyways GL with the resto & post some pics when you get it all shined up!


Krytox and Tribosys are hard to find in Germany.
I used https://www.conrad.de/de/silikonspray-ballistol-25300-200-ml-890667.html?WT.mc_id=google_pla&WT.srch=1&ef_id=EAIaIQobChMIi9-WkP383gIVGOJ3Ch3uXAhoEAQYBCABEgJs5_D_BwE:G:s&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi9-WkP383gIVGOJ3Ch3uXAhoEAQYBCABEgJs5_D_BwE&hk=SEM&insert_kz=VQ&s_kwcid=AL!222!3!254339639675!!!g!!

From the same company I ve got the Teflon oil which should be similar to krytox afaik. That was the one that didn’t work that well


A big ole bag of Outemu clear no slot tops. Finally can finish up my last build & have a nice stockpile of them too! :metal:


Got my Scorched Enos & Argus set from Idea23 in today! I got the HF colorway & they look amazing! Not sure what I’m gonna pair them with since I don’t have any sets that match them that well right now, but I’m happy to have them either way!


Not a perfect match by any means, but it fits well enough for me. Also gives me a good excuse to rotate my NIU mini back into use!


I know I’ve been posting here a lot but this year has been very good to me. Here’s likely the last big mail day for me:
My custom sleeves from u/yasintahir and my KBDfans Black Friday Canoe! Yes, this is the very one they had on sale and I snagged it because I finally had the funds to grab my all time favorite MX board. I have yet to decide what switches to use, but I’m leaning towards the Novelkeys Cream switches when they release :slight_smile:


That’s a great looking board!


Was an awesome mail day today! 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 512gb, Apple Pencil 2, 90 x lubed Tealios switches, and a cool guy keycap :sunglasses:


Does shipping seem unusually slow for anyone else right now or am I just being impatient?


USPS has been terrible. Bought something from a dude about 5 hrs away from me. Took 8 days to get here. UPS has been normal though


high load (black friday, cyber monday, etc) coupled with bad weather in some states.


Yeah I’ve had a few USPS packages that just skip a day or so in tracking and don’t move


JTK orange on black + modifier extras. Few weeks earlier than expected.


Absolutely. Choobies sent me a parcel through USPS last Tuesday and it arrived yesterday. I he lives 2 hours from my house…