What did you get in the mail today?


Love me some JTK! I might grab the JTK Red on Black after seeing this now haha


My second JTK set now. Only have minor complaints, otherwise quite happy with them. Red on black looks real nice too!


Got a few things in the mail over the past few days: my LFKPad PCBs and a cheap(-ish) set of SA keys (wanted to get a feel for the profile, since I’ve only used OEM & GMK caps before). Gonna assemble my numpad… sometime this week, probably, and will have pics for the “what’s on your desk” thread soon!




That’s an amazing looking board. Makes me excited to be working with ALF.


Just got my kayak case in! The rest of the parts couldnt come soon enough! (there is no pcb and the switches are just in the plate so that i could put caps on it.)



Whoa, JTK Yolch looks real slick!


Now the difficult task of deciding what keyboard to put it on -_-


dang that yolch set look nice. ive been thinking about snagging a set of red riots. that case is nice too. :+1:


Sweet, I should be getting my set of Yolch today too! It’s out for delivery right now, just a matter of when the mailman makes it down my way. Is that case just a carrying case or did it come with a kit? That’s pretty slick looking as well!


No sooner than I finished typing out & sending my last reply here the mailman showed up!

:sunglasses: Hometown colors on a board finally, thank you Puddsy & Krelbit!


Some bear flavored switches and an extremely ‘seasoned’ board


Have you tried using a mechanical keyboard with it? I’m considering getting more or less this same model, but I’m not sure if I really want to get the keyboard case, or just get the folio cover and pair it with a nice mech.


I would definitely go for the latter. I use my Planck with it and it works perfect!


Got my batch of 78g V2 Zealios in today! Definitely a good bit more tactile than V1s on a quick inspection. Not 100% sure what the plan is for them yet, but I’m leaning towards rebuilding my alum. Clueboard with them.


New cable


hmmm… are you in the US? Just curious b/c I still don’t have shipping notice and I should have some 67g v2s coming


Hey, I got my shipping notice for V2 Zilents today.
I’m down in Australia.


Yep, I’m in the US & only ordered mine a couple weeks ago. I know Zeal said he was getting through the last orders for the regular V2s, but if you ordered them early on in the GB I would hit him up just to double check your order didn’t fall through the cracks. Hope you get yours soon man!