What did you get in the mail today?


Nice, glad you got yours! Love that new bump.


I agree, I did a pretty thorough comparison between V1 & V2s, definitely a big difference. Gotta wait to get them in a board till I really know how I like them, but considering V1s were one of my favs I doubt V2s will disappoint! :+1: BTW, how do like yours?


Loving them so far, but I won’t have a solid day of typing on them until Friday (they’re on the board I have in my home office, and I work from home on Fridays). Still, the typing I have been doing on them in my spare time has been a joy!

Just crossing my fingers waiting for my V2 Zilents to replace the V1 Zilents in the board I have at work :crossed_fingers:


I think clack sound and slapping feel from bottoming out is playing a major role with Zealios V2 switch because longer modifier keys surprisingly feel more tactile than 1U keys. But then it could just be my hallucination.


Vegetarian option. Tofu HHKB and some Gat blacks.


Looks great! GL with the build!


Cheers, pretty quick to get done with hot swap =P


Been meaning on getting a decent hot swap board like the Tokyo60, although soldering in the switches is one of the funnest parts of a build to me. Still I can’t deny the convenience hotswap provides! Anyways sweet pick ups, GL with putting it together, & be sure to post some pics once you get it finished! :metal:


No tools or first hand knowledge on soldering yet. Slowly gathering and collecting some things, then onto that part. Very much look forward to it. Couldn’t take a nice photo to save my life at the moment but, I’ll put one up for ya! :slight_smile:


LOL, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the “high quality” pics I post :rofl:, so no shame there bud! Also we’ll get you setup right when you decide to take the leap to soldering! :+1:


HHKB foam feet from diykeyboards.com


Got my Synthwave Draconis from KeyLabs & my order from the Nexus slider GB in today! The sculpt & colors on the Draconis are awesome, unfortunately the stem on it has a little chunk missing from the one side. So I’m gonna have to shoot them an email about it.

It mounts & holds on to switches fine, but I don’t trust it to last cause of where the defect is located. :disappointed:

Edit: Shot KeyLabs an email about the issue, they are gonna replace the cap for me at no charge & let me keep the defective one! Definitely very cool of them & not something they had to do. KeyLabs have earned my respect & future business for sure! :grinning:


Absolutely monster cable (hehe) made by @westfoxtrot. He even ordered the sleeving specifically on request for me.

What is on your desk today?

Copper. Heavy. Impressive cuts. Recommend

Thanks, @LaserBoost


How long was the shipping for you? I’m in Canada trying to gauge how long it takes. Ordered copper plates for an iris build.


I’m in the Mid US. Placed the order on Nov 24th. It shipped on Nov 27th. Arrived on Dec 14th. So, 3 weeks from order to my front door.


Oh nice. Hopefully it’ll be any day now as mine shipped on the 28th. The tracking is stuck on “classified in system” though so I haven’t gotten any updates.


These are the best just got my about two weeks ago. Did you also happen to get the USB covers which are very good quality as well.


Just got these today. My wallet is hurting but I think this is the endgame. Unless I score some 104UG for a reasonable price.


Got 50 67g Zelios V2sfor my next 40% build. Just waiting on my Thinkpad T40 keyboard so I can harvest its trackpad for the ultimate travel board.