What did you get in the mail today?


Lake M6-B and Black SEQ 2 cap.


Bought from mechmarket


MODs have a lovely sound, but I thought one of the challenge with using them is that their housing can be too big for certain custom plates


I agree they do have a really nice sound to them! As far as fitment goes I haven’t experienced any issues with them personally. Although I have only used MODs on two different boards so I wouldn’t say it’s not an issue with other plates. The MOD-Ls I had in my 660M were pretty tight fitting, but the MOD-Ms I still have in my GazzeW66 build (using a Sentraq alum. sandwich case that has a universal layout & switch top opening) were actually a little loose even in the fixed positions. I had to be very careful soldering them in on that build to keep all the keys aligned.


Zeal care package


Got my 9009 EC kits today.

Please excuse the crappy phone pic, not currently at home. :sweat_smile:


SouthPole kit!


2 fun boards!


Received my keebag and hineybush TKL PCB\





Holy wow those rule


What do you play with a GC controller? Melee? Tony hawk?


Any of the smash games. It’s nice to have some kind of way to separate your controllers from other similar looking ones


Got a Bahb in an awesome colorway! Huge thanks to @BobCarltheThird, I love this little guy! :metal:

I also got my replacement Draconis from Keylabs today too, plus a few stickers as an added bonus! 10 out of 10 from me on KL’s customer service!


What’s the ErgoDox-like board on top of the Singa? I did a google search and couldn’t find any additional info. Thanks!


I think it’s a Unigo66.

GB: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=97565.0


Glad you like him man :grinning:

Sorry it didn’t get to you before Christmas.


I just checked out that GB and it looks phenomenal. I’m sad it’s closed already, because I would jump on board so fast. Next time, I guess…


100 Heisenbergs (Silent Outemu v2.2 stems with ICE bottoms)


Really looking forward to someone testing these Heisenbergs!