What did you get in the mail today?


How do they feel?
This is my first time hearing about them.
Are you going to lube them?


The feel similar to Zilents V1. A bit scratchier though, but not as much as the sky bottoms.

Currently only have Krytox 1514 but might be getting 205g0 soon. So going to break them in first. they do seem to have a lot potential.


Finally got canvas round 2 in the mail today. Love it on the m65!


Newest round of Tealios (Tealios V2?)
Not a big linears fan because they all feel the same to me other than smoothness, which you have to put effort into such as lubing. But I think this is the switch that will change my mind about linears.


Yesterday my new Ergodox EZ arrived. It looks super fresh in white.

Today my XD75RE PCB is arriving, as well as 80 78g V2 Zealios.

It is going to be a fun weekend, to be sure.


MD OLKB Planck case finally showed up today!!


Got my Halo Trues from MD today. My GSUS’es could arrive any day now! :pray:


The 78g V2s are great! I got them in my Clueboard & have been loving them. In fact I really haven’t used any of my other boards since installing them in my CB, LOL! Not sure what your preferences are, but if you’re a tactile fan you should really like them also!


Just in time to finish 2018, a Wey Tec MK06 :smile:

Sorry for the quality of the picture :slight_smile:


Tealios and 78g Zilents lubed by @Quakemz
Some Springs
Brass KBD67 Plate
KBD Carbon Plate
Panc PCB
Acrylic Tofu


From KBDfans (ordered on 27th, delivered on 31st in US):

  • EnjoyPBT transparent stabs
  • KBD6X Rev 2


Damn did you drop 60 bucks on international overnight shipping?


Nah. 3500 credit points for free priority shipping which normally costs $15. Meanwhile, switches for this PCB via SF Express is stuck in Hong Kong. JCEX rocks IMO. :slight_smile:


Got a KBD75v2 with Tealios to go with it. Also a PCB v2 with usb-c and some EnjoyPBT Black on White


Zilent V2s came today and they feel as good as Zealio V2 without the bottom out noise. In comparison, Zilent V1 didn’t feel as good as Zealio V1.

My recommended weight for V2 switches is 62g. No finger stress, just finger-licking tasty bump. :slight_smile:


I’m getting hyped about this :slight_smile: I’ve ordered also a batch of Zilents v2 62grams :slight_smile:


I received my 67g Zilents V2 yesterday. I will have to try them out on a keyboard but I strongly suspect that I should’ve gone with the 62g as well :confused:


Yeah; I grabbed 67g V2 Zilents initially but ended up swapping them out for 62g V2 Zilents after a little while and the feeling is much nicer to me.


XDA Canvas R2


Got the long awaited 67g Zilent v2 switches in the mail!

After a bit of testing, I wonder now if I should’ve gotten 62g instead :confused: