What did you get in the mail today?


Finally bought myself a Hakko and soldering iron pump (for desoldering).



That’s one of those new-fangled switch pullers right? :rofl:


it’s been a while since I’ve posted here



I think there’s no problem in that, you can just swap out the springs :slight_smile:

Probably you are going to open them up for lubing anyway so …



Sadly, I’m not that dedicated a keeb fan :grimacing: I also don’t have/want to buy springs to do a swap :sweat_smile:


Once you go lubed you can’t go back !


THE50 with an extra stainless steel bottom.


oh boy that sure looks nice!


Massdrop WoB


KBDFans brass plate just arrived. Now all that’s left are sorbothane sheets from @Manofinterests and have that sit between the plate and PCB.


Oh how can I get one like that myself?


There was a run on Massdrop but that seems to have ended. Your best chance is probably mechmarket or waiting for the next round (if there is one)


kbdfans.cn have one atm, you can check that out, its still in production with an expected shipping in feb. Its not the same design though.




Nice. Read that the desoldering pump w/heater works well but its tip goes bad after awhile. Also read 40W may be too much heat for silicon ring inside the pump. So I’m thinking about getting the 30W version of it first then, if it works well, order extra tips and tip cleaning stuff.


Got my @keyboardbelle Cassette Futura in GLOW IN THE DARK GREEN!
It looks and feels amazing and I love the packaging and little extras. I 100% recommend her for all of your 60% case needs!


Got a Thinman Idyllwild to try and complete the set. Now all I’m missing is the Piccolo and I’ll have the complete set :grinning: