What did you get in the mail today?


MX Blacks. $0.20ea!


This is the most artistic shot of lube I have ever seen.


Haha, thanks


A Norbaforce Realtouch case.

Designing an atreus/iris-inspired keyboard - The Pteron

Lucky you, still waiting on mine. :unamused:


Ooh, lovely packaging too :blush:

The outside of the box reads “Norbaforce” in Japanese katakana, but it appears the sign on the cafe inside the box reads “Norhaforce”. Maybe you were going for an archaic look before Japanese regularly used dakuten in their writing, @norbauer? :slightly_smiling_face:


Where did you pick those up from?


Uhh, yeah, that was my grand genius plan: signaling my immense knowledge of historical Japanese socio-linguistics and orthographic quirks. :sweat_smile: :grimacing:


I got both from KBDfans


Well played! :v::wink:



What’s in the baaaaag :frowning:


BRIZ Tennis Ball Caps came today


Jk lolol here’s what’s in the capsules:




200 retooled MX Blacks


It arrives!!!


So happy I was able to score this on the restock!


Honestly I just want that box art for the norbaforce, it’s スーパフレーシュ!


IBM Model F XT.

The switches feel much better then on my model m
Will have to clean it only the weekend and replace the foam mat before taking pictures
I think it’s missing 2 springs, anyone know where go get similar springs without ripping them from my model m?

Stil waiting for my soarers converter from ebay.