What did you get in the mail today?


yeah the life of the desoldering pump doesn’t bother me, it’s a really cheap device. Heat on the other hand is an issue, not sure how hot it actually gets. A bit hesitant to use it on my nicer boards to be honest.


Let us know how it goes with a post. :slight_smile:

Here is a video I found of the 30W version of the same:


The 40w variant should be fine for de-soldering boards. I use a 45w model & never had any issues with it lifting pads or messing up my PCBs in any way. That said the 40w & 45w de-soldering irons do put out a good bit of heat so you do have to work very fast & precise with them.


XDA Canvas came today. No board to put them on :3


C70 keyboard from massdrop


I went to re-order the glow PLA and it’s on a week or two backorder. I plan on making some smaller designs that take up less desk space, but glow and compliment RGB underglow and in-switch LEDs. Glad you liked the Futura design though, it’s giant size in terms of a 3D print.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ll put it to the test then. I just have to go from ISO to ANSI anyway so not much desoldering needed for now.




DSA Drifter!


Brushed Copper Iris plates from @LaserBoost! Plus a golden ticket! Going to the chocolate factory!


Got my sets of GMK Space Cadet & Matt3o’s Nerd DSA Russian in today!


70 Halo Clears and DSA Legacy Alphas


Damn, i hope the set gets another run, love it!


DSA Milkshake


RAMA M6-B PCB to upgrade my M6-A


I got my M6B today as well!


While M6 looks nice, it could’ve been awesome if it also worked as a converter, allowing any USB keyboard to be programmed using QMK. After all, it already has a controller onboard with QMK. Throw in Bluetooth option for extra power up in UX.




My Gsus is still on a dusty truck somewhere in Nevada. :sob: