What did you get in the mail today?


Thank you! They’re Zealios V1 67g (R10, I believe), lubed with Tribosys 3203 :slight_smile:


Such a nice board, can’t wait to see those GMK caps on it!


2 nutcracker (MX and Kailh)
GMK Space Cadet plus Blue Alphas

Picked up Gsus on Sat but just got around to taking this pic.


Thanks! I have to get some extra TA modifiers though, since the Singa requires a 7u spacebar, 1.5u ALT/CTRL, and a 1.75u right Shift. Thanks for the sale! :slight_smile:


Got in a bag of Kailh Box Royals and DSA Milkshake from Novelkeys, as well as a Rotary encoder from Oh, Keycaps! Just waiting for a case and PCB to come in from OKLB and then the new keeb will be ago.


I’m pretty sure that one standoff is cut on purpose. The PCB hole is slightly off, so it wouldn’t fit with it there. It doesn’t effect the final build though. Mine was cut too.


Ah, I didn’t realize. Makes me feel slightly better.


Oblivion recap! And they’re all there! Extensions I bought off mechmarket for a small fortune but I think it was worth it.


Space Cadet goodness.


I don’t like pets, I don’t want a pet, but I want a KAT :rofl:



EnjoyPBT 9009 for my Holy Gsus board. Using only 1/3 of the set is a bit of a waste but I have 5 blank Gateron keysets so I figured I could use one with legends. Not as thocky as PPS but good enough.

Cheap case from Amazon for my travel board sporting Zilents V2 (it’s also used during chats). I think the case was original for some kind of pump but it fits well, surprisingly high quality, and costs only $11. With a bit more padding, it’ll be perfect.


Amazon link to the case? :smiley:


Amazon link to the case? :smiley:

Oops. Here you go.

UPDATE: Beware that the case is perfect for Poker 3 sized 60% but a little tight for Tofu sized 60%. See below how I had to tilt it slightly to make my Tofu fit in the case.


Zilents 65g v2


In the ‘similar products’ tab I found several hard cases that looks just the same or better that were slightly bigger and some quite a bit bigger. Going to gamble on one of them myself.

This one is a tad bit bigger:


Please do share your thoughts on them. I have 70 x 65g R2 Zealios to go into my next build, but I always pull out my MX silent board for the bottom out feel.


Ooh, I need one for a 75%. Sadly, that weighs like 5 lbs so there’s not really any chance of me bringing it outside :frowning:


Got my batch of YOK Red Pandas & my two caps from SUK’s latest raffle in today!

So happy with these caps, the sculpts are absolutely amazing! Also I finally have some caps that truly match SA Godspeed!


Today I got both GSUS and Massdrop Halo switches. I have heard that this is a quite good combination. :thinking: