What did you get in the mail today?


Subpar linears and unusually ineffective tactiles… A combination like Sodium and Chloride, once you combine then they go from poisonous to perfectly good flavoring haha



Finally got my GSUS’es today.


Time to make a cable!


I got my hotswap KBD67(8) with brass plate in today! I shoved some Gsus Pandas in there for testing (Tightest fitting switches ever! My thumbs hurt pushing them into the plate). I also got some red Topre Accents for my FC660C which is waiting for the Heavy-6.

I already managed to scratch the back of the KBD67 when I was taking off the brass plate. Bummer, but this was supposed to be my beater board because I don’t like taking my Canoe everywhere so I guess I won’t be afraid to get some wear on it now :confused:


FEI switches & Qlavier Lube Station


Standard (plastic) Kira

Storeuni 205g0 and 1514


E7-V1: Blue w/ purple plate and Gateron blacks. Waiting on Calm Depths to finish it.


My first Orochi!

Edit: I need a new light source for taking photos…


Red Panda Day. When Halo Clear stems arrive Friday, they’re going on my Planck originally intended to house SKCM Oranges. Too bad ALPS GB aborted.


Got a powered solder sucker that got recommended heavily here and another clear cap to add to my collection :grinning:


Good mail day for me today!
Red Panda’s, Box Dark Yellow’s, 3204 lube, couple SA orange caps, iron stand, clippers and bandaid’s for stab mods, solder, and another pair of helping hands for the SouthPole build. Red Panda’s are for the Alpha 28 keeb project after they get lubed, and the box dark yellow’s are to finish off an Ergodash build also after a lube.


Another Yok delivery here



This looks like a cyberpunk drug bust in a way that is personally very hilarious


Macha Boost!


69 disassembled Halo Trues. Unfortunately didn’t come disassembled but I got pretty fast at it. I think I’m going to have some blisters.


There are switches that I’ll probably end up liking more than something based on Halo Trues, BUT they’ll definitely always have my favorite switch stem color.


And TKL aluminum wristrest


Plain60-C Signature Edition